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This new ingredient is 2 billion years old…

This ingredient is an extremely powerful whole body healer and protector. That is why I had to call the product ‘bullet-proof’. It is also ancient, and yet it is just being discovered. This is all very exciting! It is the most powerful stone available and it can only be found in an area of Russia. Some wonder if it actually was left their by a meteor.There are some

Using it brings a variety of blessings. It was one of the only known natural materials to have fullerenes. A fullerene is the most potent source of antioxidants. Shungite contains a very strong energy or vibration. The energy absorbs and eliminates anything that is toxic and harmful to life. This stone has 60 atoms so it cannot be destroyed. The molecular structure is extremely strong. It protects against free radicals and draws toxins out of your body through the skin. I think of it as being similar to activated charcoal but much more potent in the way of healing and detoxifying. All forms of illness can be treated with C60 shungite. It assists in evolving spiritually. It removes negative energies and thoughts while shielding from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) which are changing our actual DNA. The cancer cell is a cell, and then it becomes powered by electromagnetic frequencies. The C60 shungite shields the body from this. It provides healing on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Everything is frequency. Illness happens when someone is operating on a different frequency, it is an imbalance in the body.

fountain of youth

Shungite protects against radiation and absorbs pollutants. It repairs thinning hair and also does wonders for the reversing premature aging of skin, all because of the incredible cell rejuvenation. It clears heavy metals and other harmful substances not meant to be in the body. So applying it to skin would be like putting on an invisible type of protective armor and potent detoxifier at the same time. Being that I spend a lot of time on the computer, I apply the SHUNGITE C60 + AVOCADO OIL + OLIVE OIL or SHUNGITE C60 + ORGANIC SULPHUR It enhances metaphysical abilities. We have stressful lives and need all the help we can get. It boosts energy and relieves the body of aches and pains. It increases the immune system of all living beings. For those with sore muscles and injuries, I recommend my SHUNGITE C60 + ORGANIC SULPHUR. I find it has done wonders on a stiff neck and shoulders from an accident that left me with severe whiplash. This formula would also do wonders for your hair if you want it to be healthy and full. It repairs and restores, and the various bases I have applied it to allow you to find the perfect texture for you. SHUNGITE C60 + ORGANIC SULPHUR is like applying a rich butter to skin and a little goes a long way. SHUNGITE C60 + AVOCADO OIL + OLIVE OIL is a body oil that absorbs quickly and for those with sensitivities to a lot of different ingredients it is your best choice.

attention all introverts

We are in constant contact with other people and their energies, especially in the workplace, and the protective properties of shungite do wonders in keeping you balanced, grounded, and free from picking up negative energies in your environment. I have also included some flower essences you can have added to your C60 formula to creative even more of a powerful concoction of protection. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -NIKOLA TESLA