the new mesotherapy

Fractional Mesotherapy is a new treatment, which combines microneedling therapy with the contemporary Mesotherapy practice. Since the 1990’s, microneedle therapy has long been used by practitioners in the form of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), to fade scars and generally as an anti-aging treatment. Recently smaller size micro needles have been recognized for their capacity to dramatically increase the bio-availability of topical treatments and further enhance their transcutaneous absorption.

The first key benefit from Fractional Mesotherapy is the induction of collagen by controlled wounding. Collagen induction builds layers of the supporting intracellular matrix, promoting healthy, resilient skin that looks younger. The second key benefit from Fractional Mesotherapy is increasing transdermal penetration of actives, facilitating higher product concentrations in the dermis. This has the potential to make topical treatments more effective. Studies suggest that using a skin needling system can increase the effectiveness of topical treatments by several hundred percent.

The fractional meso treatment can be applied at home using a microneedling roller or miracle pen paired with my nature’s serums. The serums are 100% traditional mesotherapy serums sourced from Spain and packed full of active ingredients. The pen allows you to achieve must greater results than just applying the my nature’s serums alone.. It is modern mesotherapy. If you have the rf + oxygen device it is helpful to end your fractional meso treatment with this device as it delivers radio frequency with pure oxygen to sanitize skin and speed healing. This tool is often used together with microneedling in a professional mesotherapy treatment. If you do not have the rf + ozygen device but you have the microcurrent tool you could end your fractional meso treatment with a microcurrent treatment. My newest product is the same texture as the serum in the video  above.  nature’s purest filler + hydrogen mask is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid to achieve volume to cheeks, temples, and lips. I recommend setting your pen at .25-.5 depending on the area of the face. Your lower face has a little more padding but areas like the forehead do not so .25 feels more comfortable. The nano tip can be used around the eye area.