this superfood dissolves cellulite


This superfood ingredient has magical properties, not just for whole health, but for smoothing and tightening skin. It can be used on a variety of areas of the body including the arms, chin, belly, and legs. The most amazing part is that when you take those fat cells away, they won’t recreate themselves. So there is no upkeep. Phosphatidylcholine (which is the main ingredient in our NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT, functions as both a method for removing fat deposits that remain unaffected by diet and exercise and as an effective technique for treating cellulite. While liposuction treatments generally result in significant post-treatment swelling, healthy skin actually tightens around the site of phosphatidylcholine microneedling, creating a firmer, more toned appearance without the need for lift or tuck surgery.Unlike traditional liposuction, in which fat cells are suctioned out of the body, phosphatidylcholine can be used on arms, belly fat, and a double chin as micro-punctures break down the walls of fatty cells and let the body flush out the fat as waste.


NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT can be used on almost any area of the body that carries a small, but stubborn fat deposit. The treatment is often used to diminish the appearance of a double chin, to remove unsightly underarm fat, or to decrease the width of your waist, sometimes by several inches. It can even be used to improve the appearance of baggy eyes. When using microneedling roller, do not roll any closer than the occipital bone that surrounds the eye.


Even on a body that is otherwise fit, a double chin can contribute to an overall appearance of heaviness. Because excess weight in the chin area tends to resist all attempts at body toning, NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT on a double chin, using our holistic microneedling roller, is a good, safe choice for achieving a more proportionate and toned appearance.


People who carry excess weight around their midsections know that it can be extremely challenging to get rid of – even with the most diligent regimen of sit-ups and healthy, plant based eating. The first place you put extra weight on is the last place you take it off. For this reason, NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT is a safe, NON-INVASIVE alternative for eliminating belly fat.


The inner and outer thighs are highly susceptible to cellulite, that bumpy accumulation of fat under the skin. Eliminating cellulite from this part of the body can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, sunflower seed-based NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT can be administered directly into this area through microneedling. The solution effectively breaks down the walls of the fat cells so that the body can simply flush away the waste naturally.


NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT, the latest innovation in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, removes fat from small areas. It does this by breaking down the bonds that maintain the solid form of body fat. Once the fat is converted to liquid form, the body is able to remove the fat naturally at a much more rapid pace than your normal metabolism is able to accomplish. The body’s fat removal process will take from several weeks to a few months to complete, depending upon the person.


NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT treatment has an impressive track record for smoothing and removing cellulite, the dimpled “orange peel” skin that often affects the buttocks and legs. Skin actually tightens over the area injected with the NATURE’S LIPOSCULPT solution, which can noticeably diminish the appearance of cellulite.


Our patch form of this supplement, L-DOPA BEAN + PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE + RUSSIAN MOOMIYO is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! This is the MIRACLE MOLECULE of cell function. A major constituent of cell membranes, vital to every cell of the human body. It depletes as a person ages. The lack of Phosphatldylcholine causes skin to lose suppleness. This super substance rebuilds and maintains organs in the human body and it is one of the most important supplements that a person can take to combat aging and to extend life. In addition to its role in the cell membrane, its component choline is necessary for transporting fat to your mitochondria (the powerhouse of your cells). The mitochondria are the bacteria inside of your cells that produce ATP, the energy currency of your body.

This means that, in addition to helping to keep your cell membranes healthy, phosphatidylcholine also directly encourages fat burning. It even has a positive effect on the production of growth hormones. Also, not only is it an effective brain booster and cognitive enhancer, but Phosphatidylcholine benefits are thought to have long-term effects on your neurological system. Phosphatidylcholine is a macronutrient that is important for healthy liver function, normal brain development, nerve function, muscle movement, supporting energy levels and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Phosphatidylcholine plays a part in several important processes within the body that are carried out hundreds of times, every single day. What is phosphatidylcholine most beneficial for? It helps in the process of methylation, which is used to create DNA, for nerve signaling, and for detoxification. It’s also important for the functioning of a key neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which similarly helps nerves to communicate and muscles to move, acts as an anti-aging neurotransmitter, and performs other basic processes.