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each of these formula options has its own unique ingredients so instead of adding a dozen different formula ingredient lists, I am going to recommend you click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner, then type in the product you are wanting to try in its colorless formula.


I offer each of these ‘colorless’ options on the product page of each unique formula also. I thought I would gather them together because they are very much like the ‘shade’changers’ except these options alter the texture of a product. I have been receiving requests for a more balmy balm or a more creamy bb balm.

The benefits are that you can create a custom texture that works for your unique skin type in your own climate. It will also allow you to get double the life out of your cream tints and concealing hdd (the more solid balms) because the colorless balms and serums wake up the original texture and bring the product back to life. It creates more of a diffused, glowy coverage when you have the perfect texture.

tips for finding the perfect texture

colorless coconut bb cream – a rich cream texture that keeps skin very hydrated and glowy