supernatural time traveler nasal mist


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  • Safe and Effective Relief
  • Neutralizes Airborne Particles
  • Maintains Healthy Nose and Throat
  • Natural Cleansing Formula
  • custom nutritional ingredients



Electrolyzed water H2O, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*, Sodium Chloride NaCl, .02% Hypochlorous Acid 200 ppm HOCL*

custom ingredients: vitamin c from ascorbic acid, lugol’s iodine solution 2%, scotch pine oil*, peppermint oil*, colloidal silver, zinc.

*certified organic

*this is a diluted version of my supernatural time traveler, so that it is safe for the extra-delicate membranes inside the nose

plant based, organic, non-irritating and non-toxic



  • has an effectiveness of >99.999% against black mold spores, human papillomavirus (hpv 16 & 18), mrsa, salmonella enterica, staphylococcus aureus, and more
  • can reduce e. coli by 99.9993% in just 30 seconds
  • can reduce staphylococcus aureus by 99.994% in just 30 seconds
  • can reduce the fungus group aspergillus by 99.8852% in just two minutes
  • can inactivate viruses in less than one minute

hypochlorous acid: HOCl exists in your body. It’s created by white blood cells as a defense system against infection, bacteria and general ickiness. HOCl attacks invading pathogens, breaking down the cell walls before destroying unhealthy invaders. The antimicrobial acid is lethally effective in carrying out its protective mission. (Think of it as your own internal Batman). It’s your body’s natural response to bacteria, and it is very effective at its job. This miracle antibacterial agent has ever-growing potential because it is a compound that is safe, strong, and sustainable.



You can use this naturally remedy manually to heal the sinuses or proactively to boost immunity when feeling stressed, tired, or during travel. When misting an application into the nose manually, apply 2-3 sprays per nostril or if your sinuses are feeling sore and sensitive, you can spray a small amount onto a cotton swab and gently swab the inside of your nose, then take a few deep breaths. Only go as high with the cotton as is comfortable.

You can sanitize the nozzle of this spray bottle with the contents and spray 2-3 times into the very back of the throat, while taking a deep breath in to maintain or regain respiratory health (congestion in lungs).

A few applications throughout the day will create a continually oxygenated environment for healing in the sinus cavity. You can also spray 2-3 applications and swish around thoroughly in your mouth for 1-2 minutes. You are also treating the sinus area that way, which is just above the roof of your mouth. If you have a sore throat you can spray the back of your throat once or gargle with a couple sprays.