supernatural time traveler


this is your deserted island, all-in-one product.

only 2 natural ingredients — Pure HOCl + Electrolyzed Sea Salt Water.

soothes sunburns, treats a variety of skin pathogens, and reverses premature aging.

created by nature so it is non-toxic, plant based, and recognized by the body at the cellular level.

this gentle exfoliating, clarifying, and revitalizing mist is safe and effective for even the most sensitive skin and can be used both on your face and body.


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travel size 15ml, 2oz amber glass spray, duo 2oz amber glass spray + travel size 15ml for purse


Electrolyzed water H2O, Sodium Chloride NaCl, .02% Hypochlorous Acid 200 ppm HOCL

plant based, organic, non-irritating and non-toxic


  • Gentle exfoliate and cleanser
  • Soothes acne and assists with blemishes
  • Soothes inflammations and wounds
  • Anti-wrinkle remedy with fine line and scar reduction
  • Dark spot corrector
  • Inhibits the toll of skin aging changes