supernatural oxygen deodorant


new! glass spray bottle that sprays directly upward (like a nasal spray)

sodium chlorite
baking-soda free
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30ml glass vertical spray bottle in photo, 15ml horizontal spray travel bottle, 60ml horizontal spray bulk size


jasmine cypress geranium (masculine), vanilla cinnamon, orange ylang ylang, spearmint, unscented


magnesium oil, activated chlorine dioxide, arrowroot, sacred clay.

shake before use
shelf life 6-9 months
DO NOT store this product in the fridge


The top benefit is that this natural deodorant actually works! Every now and then I would purchase a natural deodorant I had not yet tried, hoping that I had chosen the magic concoction. There are so many yummy smelling natural deodorants everywhere now. Sadly though, I could not find one that could stand up to anxiety sweat, and that seemed to be the general complaint from my clients about natural versions. Personally, if it had baking soda in it I would have to stop using it due to a reaction. This one works so incredibly well, you will not believe it is natural.

MAGNESIUM has masterful absorption properties and acts as an efficient humectant that keeps the skin hydrated, dry, and fresh for days. It is considered a transdermal supplement, meaning it is delivered through the skin. Emotionally, MAGNESIUM aids in alleviating anxiety and improving sleep. It is reasonable to believe that is also improves stress-induced skin disorders like acne and rosacea. A better rest means less stress.
ACTIVATED CHLORINE DIOXIDE kills bacteria and odours are neutralized and removed.

SACRED CLAY…wow how much time do you have? There are numerous great things about it, but one of my favorites is its negative electromagnetic charge. It gets rid of all of the positively charged toxic or poisonous junk in your body. It will even draw seriously devastating heavy metals out (such as mercury, arsenic, etc.) It’ll literally pull them out and absorb them. This unique clay will also minimize the effects of radiation. By bathing in sacred clay it will carefully nourish your whole body and the entire organism is going to get healthy very quickly. Your immune system will be strengthened and you’ll be much more productive.


Shake before application. A couple sprays under each arm and any area you perspire in the heat are all that is needed. It takes a few minutes for the application to dry. If you would like to speed up the drying time, just aim a blowdryer on the area for a few seconds. You do not need to store this product in the fridge. Because I have formulated it with distilled water, this product will last for at least 6 months.