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    It takes time to find the perfect shade of anything! When it comes to makeup, maybe you have found the perfect shade but the product has been discontinued, or you would like a natural, toxin-free version of your favourite go-to product. Because the ingredients will be different, there will be some changes in texture, depth, and application. Often though, my clients like their new improved formula even better! It is important to keep in mind that all my formulas are mica-free, titanium dioxide free, and nano-free. If you have a product you would like to clone which contains shimmer (which is mica), the clone will be shimmer-free.

    Tell me more about this product shade and (1) upload a photo of it if you have one close to a window with 100% natural lighting. Please also (2) upload a second photo of a swatch of the same shade on your jawline, lips, brows - whatever area of the face you are going to be wearing this product - also in natural lighting. (3) Please upload a photo of only your jawline and neck free of makeup so I can take your skin tone into account and adjust your formula accordingly. Often the product looks different in the packaging than the way it looks on the skin because the colour of it is layered over your natural colouring. Here is an example of photo (3):

    This photo needs to be taken facing a window in 100% natural lighting.

    create your own formula from scratch

    If we are not starting with a product swatch, the next best thing is providing a piece of clothing or choosing an online colour swatch, or both as a two-pronged approach. Here is an example of a photo my client, Raquel, sent me so that we could create the perfect loose pink blush for her. Pink can mean different things to different people so a description is not enough.

    choose a colour online

    Sometimes sparkly dyes and shimmery mica-based shades can look a little different than the solid colour version. Confirming the solid colour tone yourself here helps speed up the cloning process. Please choose from these online colours HERE.  Then click on the arrow in the box below and enter the code at the bottom. Make sure that the colour represented in the box matches the colour you chose in the link. It does not have to be perfect as there are also photo swatches to reference but it creates a realistic vision of the shade without any shimmer distractions.

    Once we have developed this personalized formula of a regular size product, you can easily re-order it through the page of the product you choose. The formula # will be this order # and it will be included on the packaging (see photos below). 

    If there are any ingredients you need to avoid, just list them here:

    To further personalize your creation just let me know if you would like to give this product shade a name or add your name, or if it is a gift, the person's name you are gifting this product to. The order # which is needed for re-ordering will also be on the packaging label. 

    It normally takes me 24-48 business hours upon order to handcraft your products but it takes me an extra day or two to formulate a new product shade from scratch. Once I have created the formula it will always be in my files and re-ordering will take the normal 24-48 business hours.

    *one-time lab cost

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