nature’s liposculpt


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dissolves fat cells

cleanses liver

localized fat loss

reduces inflammation

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holistic liposculpt 4ml, holistic liposculpt 2X 4ml




Deoxycholate 2.5%

4ml glass packaging with titanium roller ball applicator

Roughly 2-3 months of treatments depending on size of the area being treated



PHOSPHATIDYCHOLINE transdermal absorption through microneedling allows for spot reduction of stubborn body fat in areas like the stomach, lower back, and inner thighs. It is a phospholipid that is a major component of cellular membranes, and functions in the transport of lipoproteins in tissues. It plays an important part of every cell in the human body. phosphatidylcholine breaks down fat deposits in the body and is necessary for metabolizing and transporting fat to our cells. Without phosphatidylcholine, fat actually becomes trapped in the liver. This ingredient is used in the treatment of fatty liver disease. It is also beneficial to cognitive health. The body uses phosphatidylcholine to make a brain chemical called acetylcholine, which is involved in memory. For this reason, researchers believe it may help people with Alzheimer’s disease.

DEOXYCHOLATE when absorbed into subcutaneous fat, deoxycholic acid destroys adipocytes (fat cells). The inflammatory tissue reaction leads to a reduction in fat. This ingredient works well for tightening up areas like the jawline area, neck, and where your outer chest and underarms meet.



See: MY HOLISTIC MICRONEEDLING TIPS. Apply to clean, bare skin on areas you would like to spot-reduce body fat. Follow with our HOLISTIC MICRONEEDLING ROLLER to allow deep absorption. Vary directions of rolling to ensure you have covered the entire area thoroughly with the tiny needles. For the jawline and neck area I recommend the 1mm roller and for the body, the 1.5mm. Results are within the first 2-4 weeks. It is recommended to repeat this treatment once a week and spend 3-5 minutes on each area. Do not wait for area to become flushed as the redness and tingling may be a little delayed. The goal is to create the least trauma or ‘micro-trauma’ for the best results. It will feel a little like a mild sunburn but the tingling will subside. You should NOT draw blood. Avoid makeup or any type of product on the area you have treated for at least 12 hours. The treatment targets the mesoderm, the middle layer of skin where fat deposits reside. Small amounts of this cocktail are absorbed into the skin, reportedly to break down cellulite and improve circulation of blood and lymph fluid through the area. The process ‘melts’ the fat and allows it to be carried away and excreted by the body. Regular exercise and diet are recommended for optimal results. I recommend pairing this treatment with L-DOPA BEAN + PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE + RUSSIAN MOOMIYO WHOLE FOOD PATCHES. This product should not be applied on pregnant or breastfeeding women, clients with liver, kidney or autoimmune diseases.


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