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molecular hydrogen is a master antioxidant.

quercetin help repair oxidative damages to the skin..

squalane from renewable sugarcane strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier.

a whole food blend of prebiotics + probiotics + phytobiotics + postbiotics supports skin’s microbiome.

customize + re-customize your foundation shade as needed with the shade-changers colour palette.


banana*, mango*, broccoli sprouts*, carob*, chaga*, dragon fruit,* maqui*, acerola*, wild blueberry*, acai*, blackberry*, sugarcane squalane* infused with hydrogen and carbon molecules, arrowroot*, zinc oxide, green banana*, green papaya*, globe artichoke*, quercetin, iron oxides, non-gmo tocotrienols sourced from rice bran solubles.

shade-changer serum ingredients: banana*, mango*, broccoli sprouts*, carob*, chaga*, dragon fruit,* maqui*, acerola*, wild blueberry*, acai*, blackberry*, arrowroot*, zinc oxide, iron oxides.

*certified organic – pesticide-free

shelf life – 1 year

downloadable instructions with the purchase of shade-changer serums



sugarcane squalane naturally occurs in the lipids of our skin. Silky and non-greasy, our bio-based Squalane helps restore skin hydration and can even restore hair from feeling dry. Squalane is stable to heat, cold and oxidation, and is known to be non-comedogenic. Squalane should be made with science, not shark liver oil. Through a process called fermentation, yeast are genetically engineered to produce the building blocks of squalane by being fed non-GMO sugarcane that is located right next to the manufacturing facility. It is isolated and undergoes further reaction and purification, being saturated with hydrogen and carbon molecules, to become squalane.

  • Reduction of skin roughness
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Reduction on trans-epidermal water loss
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Penetrates hair – not only the surface but also inside

quercetin has a miraculous ability to reduce as well as reverse oxidative damage to the skin caused by free radicals. Free radicals, also called reactive oxygen species (ROS), are unstable oxygen-containing molecules that may cause chain chemical reactions on the skin and damage RNA, DNA, and proteins, and eventually may cause cell death. Quercetin has the power to find out and neutralize reactive oxygen species and also can help repair oxidative damages to the skin. Evidence suggests that quercetin has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm skin inflammation caused by various factors such as toxic chemicals, histamine, and ultraviolet radiation.

green bananas are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6 that can be super beneficial for your skin and hair. They are a lesser-known aid to nourish your skin because of their hydrating nature. Those with dry skin can also depend on them to make their skin softer and supple. Such bananas contain Vitamin A that smoothes the rough texture by healing dehydrated skin. Green bananas are also a rich source of whole food prebiotic to restore the healthiest skin microbiome.

green papaya with high concentrations of vitamin E, amino acids, and vitamin C, this unusual fruit is amazing for skin. It can show an impressive improvement in dermatitis, acne, skin pigmentation, and inflamed skin. This fruit helps to crowd out bad bacteria and is a good source of prebiotics. Papaya is an excellent source of beta-carotene, helping promote beautiful skin

globe artichoke the flower heads of artichoke green globe contain more antioxidants than any other vegetable. Artichokes contain both prebiotics and probiotics. are a rich source of bioactive phenolic compounds, prebiotic fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, folate, vitamin C and vitamin K. Due to the presence of a compound known as cynarin, artichoke leaf extracts have long been used in traditional medicine.

aspergillus ferment is rich in proanthocyanidins and can deliver greater concentrations of these beneficial compounds to the skin. Available evidence suggests postbiotic like aspergillus ferment may have anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties. Aspergillus ferment can also repair existing sun damage by producing greater activation in DNA reparative processes. This sugarcane-derived probiotic has been shown to bring the skin back into a healthy equilibrium, while inhibiting UV-induced damage and boosting advanced DNA repair.

Bananas are able to effectively treat eczema and psoriasis as banana aids the regeneration of new cells and quickly heals the problem. It also speeds the healing of wounds. Banana combats puffy eyes and inflammation as well as removing dark circles and protecting delicate skin. 100% Banana – certified organic banana powder starts out as South American grown, fresh, whole bananas. They are peeled and immediately frozen after harvest then dried through a cold freeze-drying process. As the final step, they are ground to a fine powder and packaged.

Mangos the naturally occurring antioxidants in mango have the potential to reduce signs of sun damage by reducing oxidation of skin cells. Mango contains a high amount of vitamin A. It’s thought that deficiency may increase your risk of developing acne by increasing your body’s production of the protein keratin. An overproduction of keratin can lead to clogged hair follicles and sweat glands that develop into acne. 100% mango – certified organic mango powder starts out as south american grown, fresh, whole mangos. they are peeled and pitted, and the fruit flesh is immediately frozen after harvest. it is then dried through a cold freeze-drying process. as the final step, it is ground to a fine powder and packaged.

Broccoli sprouts the antioxidant element in broccoli sprouts protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. It also prevents damage to the cells when you stay under the sun a little too long. The sulforaphane present in this vegetable promotes healthy aging as it helps bring oxygen back into the skin. The phytonutrients in broccoli sprouts can restrict the development of harmful pathogens. They work with the antioxidants by damaging the microbial membranes and preventing bacterial cell synthesis from developing. These sprouts are rich in vitamin c which is involved in collagen and the skin barrier development in your dermis, the thickest layer of your skin. This can protect it from damages brought by the free radicals. It can also shield your skin from oxidative stress that decreases elasticity and moisture in the skin. 100% Broccoli Sprout – Our organic broccoli sprout powder starts out as organic broccoli seeds. They are sprouted for 4-7 days then are immediately frozen and dried through a cold freeze-drying process. This process preserves the Glucoraphanin and active Myrosinase enzyme. As the final step, they are ground to a fine powder and packaged.

Carob is a unique plant that has tolerance in both extremely cold temperatures as well as extreme heat due to its ability to produce polysaccharides. This helps improve the look of wrinkles and lines, accelerating stressed-skin recovery. It has been studied for not only its antioxidant and phytochemical activity, but also skin moisturizing and soothing benefits. Carob has also been observed to improve the look of uneven skin pigmentation, leading to overall even skin tone. 100% carob – certified organic and truly raw from wild trees in spain. truly raw. they have taken special care not to heat it while grinding into a fine powder.

Chaga is a vivacious and powerful fungus is being used to regenerate and rejuvenate skin tissues.Chaga protects from the sun and slows the aging process. Chaga has a unique form of Betulonic acid notorious for skin regeneration. Depending on the extent of damaged skin, Chaga can aid in the restoration and regeneration of skin cells. 100% chaga – certified organic unique blend of cultivated and wildcrafted chaga. wild chaga is harvested for the maximum beneficial properties. this chaga is canadian grown and produced.

Dragon fruit also called pitaya, is a fruit from the tropics that has been getting more and more famous in recent years. These nutrients help with everything from getting rid of acne to stopping the face from getting old too quickly. Dragon fruit is high in vitamins C + E. Vitamin C enhances collagen production while Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps protect cells all over the body from damage by acting as an antioxidant. This fruit is rich in minerals, creating more firmness and fullness in skin, as well as bringing back the moisture. 100% pink dragon fruit (pitaya) – certified organic dragon fruit powder starts out as vietnam grown, fresh, whole dragon fruits. the peel is removed and the fruit flesh is immediately frozen after harvest then dried through a cold freeze-drying process. as the final step, it is ground to a fine powder and packaged.

Maqui this berry is considered a superfruit for a reason. Rich in calcium, iron, vitamin C, and polyphenols (micronutrients found in plants), the maqui berry has is the most nutrient-dense superberry in the world. For those who frequently experience redness and irritation, maqui is the ingredient to the rescue. Inflammation is simply one of our body’s defense responses and maqui’s antioxidative, anti-inflammatory properties can both offer relief and protect skin from constantly being on the defensive. 100% maqui – certified organic maqui powder starts out as chile grown, fresh, whole maqui berries. they are harvested, frozen, and then dried via a cold freeze-drying process. as a final step, they are ground to a fine powder and packaged.

Acerola this pretty little berry is packed with vitamin C and can work wonders for your skin. Due to the acerola cherry’s very high vitamin C content, this little cherry definitely gives your body a big boost in the production of collagen. acerola berries are an astringent. This means that acerola treats skin blemishes, promotes skin elasticity cherries also contain a healthy amount of Vitamin A, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin. These all promote beautiful and glowing skin. 100% acerola – we start with organic acerola cherries (also called barbados cherries) grown in brazil. the whole cherry is freeze-dried to lock in the maximum amount of nutrition, and is then ground into a powder. there are zero additives.

Wild blueberry this berry is especially rich in a powerful type of antioxidants called anthocyanins. In addition to giving them their deep blue pigment, anthocyanins inhibit the breakdown of collagen, the protein that keeps skin plump and elastic. blueberries do have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components, which logically could help with acne. 100% wild blueberry – our organic wild blueberry powder starts out as canadian grown, fresh, whole wild blueberries. they are harvested, frozen, and then dried via a cold freeze-drying process. as a final step, they are ground to a fine powder and packaged.

Acai is an aid in preventing early signs of aging. It helps with skin regeneration and, in a report from the National Institutes for Health (NIH), water extracts from the acai berry were evaluated in its positive effect on wound healing. Besides being so rich in antioxidants, acai oil contains fatty acids that help the skin look tight. In topical formulations, nutrients like fatty acids protect the skin from environmental aggressors and reduce the appearance of aging. This superfruit is also abundant in vitamins and minerals. 100% acai (no citric acid) – our organic açaí powder starts out as brazil grown, fresh, whole acai berries. the berries are harvested, frozen, and then dried via a cold freeze-drying process within 24 hours of being harvested. since they are processed so quickly there is no need for preservatives such as citric acid. as a final step, they are ground to a fine powder and packaged.

Blackberry high amounts of vitamin K are found in these potent purple berries. Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that may help fade scars, stretch marks, sun spots, and other visible skin issues. Blackberries are an excellent source of antioxidants like anthocyanins. These antioxidants help the skin fight the effects of free radicals, reducing damage to the skin cells. 100% blackberry – our organic blackberry powder starts out as Serbian-grown, fresh, whole blackberries. they are immediately frozen after harvest then dried via a cold freeze-drying process. as the final step, they are ground to a fine powder and packaged.




Always store bottle upright and roll in between hands for a minute before application to make sure colour is evenly dispersed. A little goes a long way. Once you have moisturized skin with coconut cream, raspberry elixir, or 50 fruit + flowers elixir, apply this serum sparingly and build where more coverage is needed. This pairs  well withmy concealing hdd and shilajit bio-foundation. I have found that the product applies best when warmed up with my fingers and gently blended into skin. A brush like smooth things over would also work well.

Tips on how to perfectly customize  your molecular hydrogen + sugarcane serum are downloadable with the purchase of the shade-changing serums. I am also online during the day (pacific time) so if you click on the little message box in the bottom right corner, you can leave me a message. If you can attach a photo with a swatch showing what the uncustomized foundation looks like on your jawline when facing a window in 100% natural lighting, it will allow me to see what needs to be added to match your skin tone. You do not have to show your entire face in the photo, just your cheek, jawline, and neck area.

customization benefits

When purchasing the full size version of this foundation, you have the option to also purchase the shade-changer serums which you can add to your foundation shade to alter the undertones, texture, and depth. I have created this collection for my clients who notice their skin tone is always changing, and for those clients who would like to do the blending themselves. If you are not sure what needs to be added to create a perfectly matching tone to your skin tone, you can take a photo of a swatch of the foundation shade on your skin and email it to me for suggestions. I love to help, especially when it comes to the art of custom blending.

I am so excited to be able to finally offer this option to my clients! If you are a makeup artist, you likely already do a lot of your own blending of shades. Your clients will love the fact that you can alter a shade specifically for them. And the sky is the limit with these pigments. You can even use the shade-changers to intensify an eyeshadow or to create a contour shade. The more perfectly matched a foundation is to one’s skin tone, the more their own unique features are highlighted, because there are no distractions. The coverage has very smooth texture and incredble staying power. This formula pairs well with my concealing hdd and shilajit bio-foundation.