8-in-1 holistic microchanneling + healing light pen


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all-in-one whole body treatment for brightening + skin resurfacing + tighter pores



Electric Anti-Back Flow photon therapy Pen
7 photon therapy Lights Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Purple/Cyan/Laser (Adjustment)
Needle Length 0-2.00mm Adjustment
Speed Level 5 Levels
Max Speed 10000RPM
Power Supply Inside Battery

1 * Main Body
1 * Manual
1 * USB Cable
2 * Needle Cartridges 12 pins

beauty benefits

✓red light promotes collagen by up to 200%
✓brightening/tightening neck + chest
✓micro-channeling + healing light
✓retexturizing of surface of skin
✓reducing nose/face puffiness
✓reversing hyperpigmentation
✓treatment for stretch marks
✓smoothing of acne scars
✓knee tightening + lifting
✓boosting all-over glow
✓refining pores
✓hair regrowth
✓skin lifting

tips for best results + demo

if there is any kind of active breakout, skin infection, or excessive inflammation, this treatment is not the best option until the condition is resolved or settles down. Last but not least, it’s likely not the right treatment for someone who is dealing with a lot of acne scarring. You may need a more intensive treatment known as medical microneedling. However, for someone with just a touch of residual acne scarring and pigmentation, this 8-in-1 pen delivers flawless results.

photon therapy benefits

amber light stimulates collagen and elastin

blue light kills bacteria

red light promotes circulation

white light reduces inflammation and tightens

What Color Is Best for Your Skin?

Red light therapy is a term that commonly encompasses both red and NIR wavelengths. It is the most popular and most widely studied form of light treatment due to its broad range of effects.

Red wavelengths (630nm to 660nm) are effective at treating conditions on the top layers of the skin, including: