mango bb balm



carrot seed oil

sesame seed oil

poppy seed oil


vanilla, almond, macadamia, burnt almond, raw agave, warm agave, almond cocoa, cocoa


1/4oz, 1oz


Arrowroot, Zinc oxide, Grapeseed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Olive Fruit Oil*, GMO-FREE Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Calendula Flower*, Mango Seed Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil*, Kokum Seed Butter, Cranberry Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Iron Oxides.

*Certified Organic
1/4oz will last 12 months or more.
1/4oz glass packaging
18-month shelf life.


OLIVE FRUIT is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish, hydrate and protect. Chief among those is vitamin E. Whether applied topically or ingested, vitamin E has been shown to protect skin from ultraviolet radiation, thus guarding against skin cancer and premature aging.
SUNFLOWER SEED OIL the anti-inflammatory benefits for skin is evidently strong as the oil is high in Omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acid along with Vitamin E. Linoleic acid helps decrease inflammation in skin (i.e., acne, dermatitis, sunburns).
CARROT SEED OIL What’s magical about carrot seed oil, however, is its ability to rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin. Scientists think this has something to do with the “carotol,” a primary component. If you have dry or oily skin, like many natural plant oils, carrot seed oil has the ability to balance both!
POPPY SEED OIL contains a generous dose of dose of minerals like iodine, manganese, zinc, magnesium and copper. It is also high in Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin E. Poppy seed oil is effective in treating eczema due to their high content of linolenic acid.
SESAME SEED OIL is a potent antioxidant. In the tissues beneath the skin, this oil will neutralize oxygen radicals.


I created this BB Balm as an alternative to our Coconut BB Cream. It has the same level of moisture but instead of it being medium coverage which is the coverage of our Coconut BB Cream, it is full coverage. Apply a few drops of our Raspberry Elixir to clean skin and massage in. Let it absorb for a few minutes, then apply this Mango BB Balm with our Smooth Things Over Brush or clean finger tips. Follow with Dewy HDD and Bio-Foundation if extra coverage is needed.

Every type of product creates a completely unique texture and effect because the raw plant oil medley in each formula and the coverage is completely different from the next. This allows for slightly different shades of each shade. For instance, the bb cream/balm & concealing HDDs are more brightening and the Dewy HDD & bio-foundation have more colour to them and are not brightening. So for someone with a lot of redness, darkness in areas, hyperpigmentation, freckles, or scarring {which can be most of us}, even if you choose just ALMOND coverage but two or even three different types of foundation, one type will match your skin tone perfectly, while another will match the redness, darkness, hyperpigmentation, or scarring to smooth both into one tone without making you look grey, pasty, or MASK-like. Always start with your bb cream/balm and brightener first, then HDDs, then bio-foundation and colour/contour.

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