custom transdermal nutrition balm


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    NOTE: you may request a blend of any two shades, including half bio-cocoa balm + half aloe cream tint!
    example 1: possibility + scarlet bio-cocoa balms
    example 2: love bio-cocoa balm + he's the one aloe cream tint

    Also, if you would like 2X new twistable BPA-free packaging or 2X 1/8oz stackable containers instead of 1X 1/4 recycled steel tin just make a request in the notes box below.;)

    Feel free to order samples first and experiment mixing them together to ensure you create the perfect custom colour for eyes, brows, lips, or cheeks.

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Additional information

stevia natural flavour

no flavour, chai spice, french vanilla, organic peppermint, lemon meringue, english toffee, coconut, dark chocolate

stevia natural flavour 2

no flavour, himalayan salt, chai spice, french vanilla, organic peppermint, lemon meringue, english toffee, coconut, dark chocolate


original coconut, coconut-free


clear, empathy, love, its a girl, respect, adrenaline rush, scarlet, hurt feelings, possibility, ethereal, so cacao, piece of cake, night owl, strawberry


ORIGINAL COCONUT: Olea europaea (Olive) Oil* , Euphorbia anisyphilitica (Candelilla) Wax, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermun parkii (Shea) Butter*, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Oil*, Rosa mosqueta (Rosehip) Oil, Lactobacillus/Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Fruit Ferment Filtrate, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Tocopherol (NON-GMO Vitamin E), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Oleoresin, Azadirachta indica (Neem) Oil, Carnauba, Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot, Canadian Glacial Clay, Kaolin Clay, Iron Oxides, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

COCONUT-FREE FORMULA: Grapeseed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Flower, Mango Seed Butter, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Organic Sesame Seed Oil, Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot, Canadian Glacial Clay, Kaolin Clay, Iron Oxides, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

* Certified Organic

3.5ml stackable bpa-free packaging

5ml twistable packaging (dial on bottom)
7ml stainless steel packaging
shelf life 1 year

nutrition benefits

FUTURE NATURAL vital cleanse + nutrify

Combines SUN ENERGY + SEA GREENS and VITAMIN C + HEAVY METAL CLEANSE (2  of the three gloss boosts) and more!

FUTURE NATURAL all the digestive enzymes

Hydrochloric acid is normally produced in response to every meal we eat. Hydrochloric acid acts like a meat tenderizer in breaking down proteins into their amino acid building blocks. Think of proteins as a strand of pearls with each pearl being an amino acid. If a protein is not totally broken down into individual amino acids, undigested proteins can make it into the blood stream. Hydrochloric acid levels decline with age but it’s common for people to be born not producing enough. This is especially true for people whose mothers were over age 27 when they were born.


Hydrochloric acid may also act to sterilize everything we eat. Although you can’t see them, everything you put into your mouth is covered with germs. When this food reaches the stomach, the stomach sprays it with hydrochloric acid to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Hydrochloric acid also keeps down the population of Candida yeast which normally resides in everyone’s colon. If hydrochloric acid levels get low, bacteria and yeast overgrow and feed off the food you eat. Additionally, the “good bacteria” in your gut, acidophilous, does not do well unless there is plenty of hydrochloric acid (the name “acidophilous” means “acid loving”). Hydrochloric acid supports the absorption of nutritional building blocks such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B12, for instance, cannot be absorbed unless there is adequate hydrochloric acid. This ingredient replaces the hydrochloric acid to allow for adequate absorption of B-12.


Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Hydrochloric acid breaks down proteins into individual amino acids. These amino acid building blocks can then be used to make other proteins needed by the body or other compound molecules needed for normal functioning. Healthy hair, skin and nails require adequate absorption of amino acids. Muscle and bones are made of protein. The antibodies that protect us from germs are made of protein. Chemicals made in the brain called “neurotransmitters” control our ability to think, remember, and control our mood. Homocysteine is an amino acid that is an important building block. The B vitamins: B12, B6, folate, and B1 are important to keep homocysteine levels normal.

FUTURE NATURAL replenish deficiencies


C60 is a 270 times better antioxidant than vitamin C but Vitamin C is not lipid-soluble and neither is it recyclable, so C60 may in fact be tens of thousands of times more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin C. In fact it is in a different league all together as all the other ‘conventional’ antioxidants ever researched.

-permeates skin’s barrier and is fluent throughout the bloodstream in two minutes
-a transdermal whole health supplement + the most potent skincare in one
-shown to repair even lengthen telomere strands
-changes environment in the body from acidic to alkaline
-mends free radical damage and removes oxidative stress
-increases longevity and whole health
-improves the structure of the skin



Even though they are matte, our balms are super-moisturizing and have deep saturated color, except for the Clear shade. Our Icing On The Cake Brush creates perfectly defined lips with lasting color. Just a little can also be used to create bright color on the cheeks. The clear version is great on lips as a matte balm and can also be used as a nourishing eye balm. If you feel a lip liner is needed to pair with the colored balm, try Vintage, Martini, or Henna Aloe Cream Tints.

This balm lends a soft glow to skin without looking shiny or feeling heavy or oily and it is not a formulation that breaks down easily in hot temperatures so the moisture lasts a long time. Make sure lips are well exfoliated with our Glacial Clay Cleanser or a damp bamboo washcloth. For an intense, dramatic lip look, apply colored balm with Icing On The Cake Brush. The color can be altered by mixing the two colored balms together or by mixing a color with one of our Aloe Cream Tints

lip balm + whole food nutrition + detoxification

Want to maximize supplement absorption? More effective than oral supplements in many situations, topical application of nutrients is often an overlooked (although superior) method of delivery. Whether using magnesium oil for debilitating arthritis, iodine to heal skin cancer or water soluble vitamins for general health, topical creams, gels, oils and sprays are one of the best ways to receive vitamins and minerals that are crucial for healthy well-being. You can apply this transdermal concoction to lips, wrists, or lower abdomen to allow the superherbs to be absorbed transdermally. Bypassing the stomach and liver means a much greater percentage of the active ingredient goes straight into the bloodstream where it’s needed. In many cases, transdermal methods are used to help avoid potential side effects such as stomach upset or drowsiness. The full potential for transdermal medicine has not been explored by modern medicine though it has been practiced for thousands of years in hot springs around the world.