colorless + banana matte


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Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot, Canadian Glacial Clay, Kaolinite, Bentonite Clay, Yellow Clay, Iron Oxides + Our Signature Fermented Blend: Purple Carrot Root, Purslane Flower, Sea Buckthorn Fruit, Whole Coffee Fruit, Alaskan Blueberry, Tomato Fruit, Cantaloupe Fruit, Cocoa Seed, Amla Fruit, Marigold Flower.

10g will last 4-6 months

No shelf life – anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial


Apply loose Colorless Matte to skin with our Plush Kabuki Brush in a gentle pressing, diagonal motion. Repeat on any areas where more mattifying is desired.

Canadian Glacial Marine Clay is superior to other clays, it is also the only kind of clay desirable and recommended for ingestion. It feels great going on, improving the circulation, detoxifying, exfoliating away dead skin cells while it tightens up wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and super alive.


Apply over HDD or Bio-Foundation for best results. Use kabuki brush and apply in pressing motions. Concentrate on areas where more mattifying is needed.