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balancing mist 2.7oz, travel balancing mist .5oz


Ingredients: Pure Rose (Michelela Champac) Flower Water.



This toning mist is a pretty & natural exotic-type body perfume. It also doubles as a skin-energizing toner for face and body, and a wonderful remedy for re-balancing congested skin. Rose flower water is also known to calm anxiety. Other uses we have found and loved:

plant-based hair shine mist
mix with Glacial Clay Cleanser to make a once-a-week purifying and toning mask
room freshener


I have always been hyper-sensitive to synthetic perfumes. There are up to three hundred different chemicals that go into them and most have never been tested on humans. What is worse is that the ingredients do not have to be listed on the packaging. One has no idea what they are spraying onto their skin and inhaling in the air over the course of a lifetime. The scent in this natural flower water is soft and subtle. You can spray into hair, face and body for healthy, balanced skin. I also use this on my hair for the perfect shine, fresh scent and subtle hold!