the youthful benefits of turmeric…

Here is a list of some incredible properties of TURMERIC: calms inflammation fights free radicals boosts the immune system eases joint pain helps treat and prevent cancer protects the heart heals the gut boosts mood may stave off neurodegenerative diseases improves long term cognitive behavior lowers blood sugar levels helps the liver detoxify helps you […]

fake news….fake foundation?

  So I have had others try to copy my formulas before but this company has taken it to another level. Word for word, they copied the product page of my BIO-FOUNDATIONS, pasted it to their website to make it look like their product, and inserted their brand name. Same product name, same ingredients(???), and […]

extend your summer tan + improve health

CUSTOM CACAO TAN When melanin levels are boosted, only minimal UV exposure is required to tan effectively. This unique formula allows us to take a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximize benefit & minimize risk. HAUT introduces this summer’s game changer – amino acids – smart, active ingredients that work WITH and WITHOUT UV […]

apply your supplements

Having grown up on a farm I learned about the importance of nutrients in the soil. Sadly, it has been greatly depleted over the years and the same goes for the foods grown in that nutrient-deficient soil. It has always been clear to me that even with the cleanest diet and lifestyle, it is helpful […]


First of all, the active tanning agent in our DHA-FREE CARAMEL TAN is a yellow to reddish sugar found in red berries, most commonly raspberries. Like DHA, it tans the skin due to a reaction with the amino acids (proteins) in the skin’s dead surface layer, producing a brownish tint. Our DHA-FREE formula works in […]

fall and winter supplement staples

B12 Getting the proper amount of B vitamins is an essential part of your overall health, and Vitamin B12 is one that has particular benefits to multiple systems in your body. B12 is one that we can easily become deficient in – meat eaters and vegans alike. So it is important to supplement because: Boosts […]

cruelty-free could mean animal testing

Since opening HAUT COSMETICS thirteen years ago, I have enjoyed educating people about the importance of toxin-free makeup.  However, I have had the fortune of speaking to all sorts of people interested in cruelty-free makeup, animal testing, and veganism too. I often hear, “I didn’t know animal testing still existed!”. After learning that animal testing […]