This new ingredient is 2 billion years old…

This ingredient is an extremely powerful whole body healer and protector. That is why I had to call the product ‘bullet-proof’. It is also ancient, and yet it is just being discovered. This is all very exciting! It is the most powerful stone available and it can only be found in an area of Russia. […]

this superfood dissolves cellulite

BENEFITS This superfood ingredient has magical properties, not just for whole health, but for smoothing and tightening skin. It can be used on a variety of areas of the body including the arms, chin, belly, and legs. The most amazing part is that when you take those fat cells away, they won’t recreate themselves. So […]

the youthful benefits of turmeric…

Here is a list of some incredible properties of TURMERIC: calms inflammation fights free radicals boosts the immune system eases joint pain helps treat and prevent cancer protects the heart heals the gut boosts mood may stave off neurodegenerative diseases improves long term cognitive behavior lowers blood sugar levels helps the liver detoxify helps you […]

fake news….fake foundation?

  So I have had others try to copy my formulas before but this company has taken it to another level. Word for word, they copied the product page of my BIO-FOUNDATIONS, pasted it to their website to make it look like their product, and inserted their brand name. Same product name, same ingredients(???), and […]

apply your supplements

Having grown up on a farm I learned about the importance of nutrients in the soil. Sadly, it has been greatly depleted over the years and the same goes for the foods grown in that nutrient-deficient soil. It has always been clear to me that even with the cleanest diet and lifestyle, it is helpful […]


First of all, the active tanning agent in our DHA-FREE CARAMEL TAN is a yellow to reddish sugar found in red berries, most commonly raspberries. Like DHA, it tans the skin due to a reaction with the amino acids (proteins) in the skin’s dead surface layer, producing a brownish tint. Our DHA-FREE formula works in […]