makeup for men

It’s often assumed that many women wear makeup to attract men, but history is full of examples of men who weren’t entranced by the made-up look. The ancient Roman poet Martial wrote to a woman who wore cosmetics, “You are but a composition of lies … No man can say, I love you, for you are not what he loves, and no one loves what you are” [source: Etcoff]. And ancient Romans and Greeks weren’t the last men to complain of women tricking them with artificial means: In 1770, British Parliament passed a law that made wearing makeup a crime akin to witchcraft. The reasoning behind the law was that men were enchanted by a false face, and they were due an annulment once they realized what their wives really looked like.

Today, men’s preferences for a woman wearing makeup vary as much as women’s preferences for wearing it do, though it’s worth noting a 2012 study that found that women who wore makeup in bars were approached by men much more quickly and more often than women who didn’t [source: Saad]. Perhaps men are unconsciously motivated by the same beauty ideals and gender advertising that lead women to put on makeup?

Though I began this topic by describing Egyptian men who wore makeup alongside their female counterparts, men eschewed makeup in the 20th century so that they wouldn’t be labeled effeminate. Those who did wear makeup tended to be rock stars like David Bowie who were aiming for an androgynous look. In recent years, though, more men have proudly worn makeup in public, leading journalists to coin terms like “guyliner” and “manscara.”

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a gentleman who was interested in purchasing some HAUT makeup for the first time. He explained he was a filmmaker and was always looking for clean, healthy makeup, both for himself and to recommend to his cast:

Hello Joanne,
Thank you for your facebook response, as I am very eager to know more about the brand. I came across the ad you have in Alive magazine, and started investigating right away.
I know you mentioned the possibility of a SKYPE chat, though I figured I could provide better lighting from a head shot to give you a look at my complexion.
From my own experience, I find that most mineral powder products are too warm on my skin, giving me too much color, even those in the light category. While I don’t feel I am terribly fair, I find cool undertones work best on me, but also find it hard to find something that isn’t warm that won’t also wash me out and have me looking ghostly. So there is where my search lies. I also like a product that can give me a little luminosity and not be completely matte and flat looking. I haven’t worn a liquid coverage in some time, but am always open to see whats out there.
I’m not looking for a full coverage by any means, just something light, that lasts through the day, giving me some sun protection. I do however find my dark circles to be an issue, so I do like a little extra coverage under the eyes for sure, and if it doesn’t crease, then all the better!
I am always a little leary choosing colors over the internet, but I am very curious to try the line.
Let me know what you might think would be the best options, or if you need any more info from me.
All the best,

Here were my recommendations:

1, vanilla bb cream/ a fresh start brush

2. vanilla bio-mineral foundation/ plush kabuki brush

3. pink brightener/ applied with finger or need a lift brush

I was excited to get the products I had chosen for him in the mail so he could experience wearing makeup that suited his skin tone. I remember that being the most frustrating part of shopping for makeup myself. I got this email this week with his feedback:

Hello Joanne,
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I have received my order and I am in love with everything.
To start, the colors are a perfect match, which oddly enough I find my skin tone tough to find a match for. The pink highlighter is so nice to wear alone without the need of concealer, all around the eye. The BB cream is so smooth, the most natural looking liquid color I have ever come across, and I have certainly seen many. What I love about it also is that is doesn’t hold onto my facial hair, and look cakey around the follicles; a huge problem with many other products believe me. The mineral powder is just amazing also. Such a radiant finish for a powder product. Breathable coverage for my skin is a must, and this lets me peek through instead of covering up everything.
As well I want to thank you for the samples. The clay cleanser was such a great clean- I left it on a few minutes to dry as a mask before scrubbing off and it was great.
I was so pleased with the products, that I used and depended only on them for a publicity shoot I did for my upcoming project. They showed up great, and seamless on camera. The photo of course is not touched up in any way, just natural light and your great products.
Thank you again for such an amazing line- I look forward to trying more 🙂
All the best,