icustom blends FAQS




We know when shopping for makeup online that all the color choices can get a little confusing.  We created iCUSTOM BLENDS because most women have never experienced what it is like to have the perfect foundation.  With decades of custom blend experience under our belts here at HAUT, we would like to give  you a blend that is tailored perfectly to you.  Here is what we need from you:

Three pictures (examples below) with a white or light-colored shirt on and jawline and neck that is makeup-free.  If you can stand in different areas in each picture but ALL in natural lighting with no flash.


See how your skin tone can look very different depending on the amount of light? Please send your photos by email to and expect a reply with our suggestions within one business day.  If you have any other questions feel free to list them.  The photos will also let Joanne know which color pigments will look best on your eyes, cheeks and lips. It would help if we had a picture of you from farther away at the time of year and in natural light but if you would rather not show your entire face the three above are most important. Joanne loves this customization part so please don’t be shy. You are uniquely beautiful.

For an online makeup consultation: