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History of Clay

Like the Earth is made of the dust of the stars, our bodies are literally made of the dust of the Earth. Clay is one very unique type of soil with extraordinarily rich physico-chemical properties that endow it to be one of the best detoxifier/purifier and versatile natural healing ingredients available. It has been used for millennia by many different civilizations from Egyptians who believed in its sacred powers to Native Indians. Clay is a potent antiseptic, while respecting the tissue on which it is applied. It also works as a wound-healer by stimulating the cellular regeneration and protecting the scar, a bleeding stopper, a cleaner, sedative and relaxer. Animals instinctively use clay when they are wounded or ill: they eat earth and roll in muds. It seems that the muddy places around which they gather are the best to extract clays.

Our modern type of life exposes us, both internally and externally, to thousands of pollutants and toxins that slowly accumulate into our bodies. The regular practice of cleansing/detoxifying cures several times a year helps our bodies to maintain a healthy life balance. Clay is the natural remedy of excellence for such cures.

In the Bible, Genesis tells how God created Man from a handful of clay. This interpretation of the origin of Man may lie on real facts since some scientists think clay might have supported the birth of the first cells. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is considered to focus telluric and cosmic energies and allow the entry of the Element Earth in the global dynamic of an organism. Canadian Glacial Clay is harvested and dried in the sun. This unique clay has added benefits over regular clays due to the fact that it is submerged under water for 50% of its life, allowing it to absorb extra nutrients. comes from a prehistoric formation located in central Canada. This glacial clay dates back to the Cretaceous period when clay sediments were deposited on the floors of an ancient ocean. Because of the particle size it is absorbed into the skin to deliver its nutrients directly into the dermis. With the addition of other ingredients such as organic coconut oil and our flower water it can exfoliate skin cells and stimulate blood circulation to leave the skin healthy-looking and refreshed.

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