When melanin levels are boosted, only minimal UV exposure is required to tan effectively. This unique formula allows us to take a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximize benefit & minimize risk. HAUT introduces this summer’s game changer – amino acids – smart, active ingredients that work WITH and WITHOUT UV exposure to allow the body to stimulate it’s own natural tanning process.

In humans, melanin is the primary determinant of skin and hair color. However, few people know that melanin is found in almost every organ of the body and is necessary for the brain and nerves to operate, the eyes to see, and the cells to reproduce. It is also found in the stria vascularis of the inner ear. In the brain, tissues with melanin include the medulla and pigment-bearing neurons within areas of the brainstem, such as the locus coeruleus and the substantia nigra. It also occurs in the zona reticularis of the adrenal gland.

Melanin can absorb a great amount of energy and yet not produce a tremendous amount of heat when it absorbs energy, because it can transform harmful energy into useful energy. Melanin can absorb tremendous quantities of energy of all kinds, including energy from sunlight, x-ray machines, and energy that is formed within cells during the metabolism of cells. Melanin has the ability to neutralize the potentially harmful effects of these energies.




The human growth hormone, commonly called “somatotropin”, is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. The human body produces it every day and is provided in certain portion by the pituitary gland, located in the human brain. It is then released into the bloodstream (in small amounts) and also released during sleep (when the human growth hormone is at its peak) It’s worth mentioning that it is what is responsible for supporting a healthy state in the body despite the fact that it is in the blood for only a few minutes.

Immediately after it is secreted it is absorbed by the liver and processed there. Although the human growth hormone has been relevantly recently the subject of many studies, modern technology has made it possible to create supplemental forms of the human growth hormone. This is vital for the health and beauty of the human body.

It is sometimes stated that HGH and women are not compatible concepts. Supposedly it can only spoil the perfect physique of a woman’s body, which is already blessed with unparalleled beauty. However, this statement does not hold to be true, seeing as how the human growth hormone is compatible with both the man and woman’s body alike.

This means that it can not only benefit from it but thrives on the human growth hormone and it ready to receive it without any side effects. Consequently, it is proven to be safe for women.

Do not forget that after 20 years of age, each and every year the amount of HGH produced by the body is significantly reduced. This means that the body suffers irreversible negative effects if left to fend for itself – this is the so called process of aging. Alas, to halt the process is unrealistic, but it can be slowed down and contained, in a way pausing and rewinding old age. This is possible if your body is consistently being provided with an additional source of the components it requires.