Why Ethically Sourced?

Ten years ago I actually didn’t go out into the world looking for ‘ethical ingredients’, I didn’t even think of that side things. I’m glad now that my eyes are more open and I want to share that. As I researched ingredients, I learned so much. What I became increasingly concerned about was one of the main ingredients found in even natural, vegan makeup brands – MICA. I learned that as soon as some little babies in India are able to walk they are forced to work in the mica mines. They work under very dangerous conditions and get paid  little in return. I decided if I was not aware of this as someone who had worked in the beauty industry for years, then the average woman did not know about this either. When you turn over one stone it makes you question everything. I am still always learning, but I hope to inspire others to ask the hard questions about the origin of the purchases we make every day and create positive change throughout the world.






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