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Custom Consultations

I understand firsthand when shopping for makeup online that all the color choices can get a little confusing, my line included. From my point of view, people come to me at all different levels as far as makeup and skincare knowledge. Some of my clients come to me via email having never worn makeup before. Others have been makeup artists most of their life. A few are not interested in makeup, they just need a little skincare. So the online consultation I create with you is going to be customized just for you. It is going to save you a lot of time and prevent you from purchasing shades or products that may not be right for your skin. It will help you understand the products that are best for you and if you may need anything customized,  I created my CUSTOM MAKEUP LOOKS because most women have never experienced what it is like to have the perfect foundation. With decades of custom blend experience as a freelance makeup artist, my goal is to give you a makeup look that is tailored perfectly to you, your lifestyle, and the climate you live in. Here is what I need from you. Click on this link CUSTOM MAKEUP LOOKS AND CLICK ON THE MODEL WHOSE SKIN TONE MOST CLOSELY RESEMBLES YOURS. CLICK ON THE PHOTO AND COPY AND PASTE THE FORMULA CODE AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE PAGE. SEND IT IN THE SAME EMAIL AS THE PHOTOS BELOW.

Three pictures (examples below) with a white or light-colored shirt on and jawline and neck that is makeup-free. If you can stand in different areas in each picture but ALL in natural lighting with no flash.

See how your skin tone can look very different depending on the amount of light? Please send your photos by email and expect a reply with my suggestions within one to two business days. Please tell me all about yourself! What kind of makeup look do you need or prefer. For example, are you looking for stage makeup or do you work from home and just want a quick, ultra-natural look? Are you allergic to coconut or sensitive to anything you see in most products? Lastly, what do you like and dislike about the present brand(s) you are using? If you have any other questions feel free to list them. The photos will also let me know which color pigments will look best on your eyes, cheeks and lips. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP, if you can copy and paste the formula(s) your skin tone is closest to in this link: CUSTOM MAKEUP LOOKS it is a two-pronged approach to make sure I understand all your undertones. I recommend you go by the shade of the model’s skin and not the actual product if you normally use makeup coverage with titanium dioxide and mica.

I can also digitally apply the shades that I think would look best on you. Just make a note if you would like me to do this for you. For this extension of the consultation I will need a full headshot indoors facing natural light with no makeup or just a little makeup. Click here and here for examples! It would also be helpful to me if you sent me a photo of a makeup look that is your style. It can be of you or of someone else. This shows me where you are on the scale from very little makeup to a full makeup application.

For an online makeup consultation:

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