the youthful benefits of turmeric…

Here is a list of some incredible properties of TURMERIC:

  1. calms inflammation
  2. fights free radicals
  3. boosts the immune system
  4. eases joint pain
  5. helps treat and prevent cancer
  6. protects the heart
  7. heals the gut
  8. boosts mood
  9. may stave off neurodegenerative diseases
  10. improves long term cognitive behavior
  11. lowers blood sugar levels
  12. helps the liver detoxify
  13. helps you fall asleep faster
  14. acne and psoriasis remedy
  15. treatment for depression

I encourage you to read through that list a couple times and let those amazing benefits really sink in. Maintaining some of them is the difference between being phenomenally healthy and losing your health. This is a spice, one ingredient, which almost everyone already has in their cupboard at this very moment. If this was a drug it would be so horribly expensive and likely with an even longer list of ‘fine print’ listing scary side effects. Sometimes in our pursuit of longevity and long term health I think we often overlook these amazing gifts from nature because it seems too easy. You can ingest this ingredient in so many fun ways. A few of my favorites are a turmeric latte, turmeric in pasta, and added to a smoothie or greens drink. Because of the intense yellow colour, I do not add it to my makeup but I do carry a TURMERIC FACE + BODY MIST and I apply one of my TURMERIC + GINGER + FRANKINCENSE whole food patches once or twice a week.

I have often thought about that expression, ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’, in regards to my health. It is because I 100% had no idea. I completely took my health for granted in my twenties until it was gone and I found myself in emergency a few times a month. I had no idea how powerless and deeply depressed you can feel without your health. What is even more difficult is that while you are in limbo, the rest of the world just keeps on going. I recently had an allergic reaction to something over the holidays and found myself in emergency which brought back a flood of memories. That used to be my second home. I forgot how cold it is and I waited seven hours to see a doctor. It is a very depressing place to be, especially on the holidays. However, that long wait made me reflect on how far I have come since my twenties. I do not mind being called a health nut because it keeps me out of emergency and changing my diet gave me a second lease on life. In fact, I believe that neglecting myself and always trying to be a people pleaser is part of what led me to getting sick. My body gave me a lot of signals and I continually ignored them. So for anyone who is making some substantial changes this year in regards to your health, please do not worry about inconveniencing others. Chronic illness is so far beyond an inconvenience. It is something that some never recover from, so your goal should be to not get to that point.

I have not even touched on what TURMERIC does for the skin and hair. I love using the TURMERIC FACE + BODY MIST in my hair and letting it soak in before I wash it. It is wonderful for the scalp too. It is a natural brightener and protector of skin and creates a healthy glow, likely because of all the detoxifying it is doing on the inside of the body. I also recommend supplementing my TURMERIC + GINGER + FRANKINCENSE  whole food patch so that you are getting a time-released dose of TURMERIC plus other superfoods and herbs. This really comes in handy when traveling to stay healthy and keep your digestive system happy. You can apply it anywhere to your body right after your shower and leave the patch on for 12 hours. I like to apply the patch to the top of my feet in the winter because I do not feel it. The warmth of your skin is what activates the ingredients to be absorbed by the body. The back, tummy, or upper thigh works well too! Apply on bare, dry skin (hair-free), ideally not over a cream or oil so it stays put.

I will end with this…proof! Here is an interesting article about a woman with blood cancer who started supplementing with TURMERIC: woman beat cancer: Sufferer, 67, turned to kitchen cupboard staple turmeric after five years of failed treatment Read more:

fake news….fake foundation?


So I have had others try to copy my formulas before but this company has taken it to another level. Word for word, they copied the product page of my BIO-FOUNDATIONS, pasted it to their website to make it look like their product, and inserted their brand name. Same product name, same ingredients(???), and same page content. I suppose imitation is the sweetest form of flattery. However, being that my suppliers are local Canadian farmers and this company is based in Florida in the US, I would question whether our formula of unique ingredients is even what is in their foundations. Seeing the lack of ethics thus far, I would be concerned as to what they are actually selling. I wanted to give my HAUT family a heads up in case you have already come across them and are thoroughly confused.

Here are my BIO-FOUNDATION ingredients (created 14 years ago):

Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot, Pyrophyllite Clay, Canadian Glacial Clay, Aquiterra Clay, Kaolinite, Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Yellow Clay, Siberian Chaga*, Iron Oxides + Our Signature Fermented Blend: Purple Carrot Root*, Purslane Flower*, Sea Buckthorn Fruit*, Whole Coffee Fruit*, Alaskan Blueberry*, Tomato Fruit*, Cantaloupe Fruit*, Cocoa Seed*, Amla Fruit*, Marigold Flower*.

Here are the foundation ingredients of I’M FABULOUS (created this year):

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot, Pyrophyllite Clay, Canadian Glacial Clay, Aquiterra Clay, Kaolinite, Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Yellow Clay, Siberian Chaga*, Iron Oxides + I’m Fabulous Cosmetics Signature Fermented Blend: Purple Carrot Root*, Purslane Flower*, Sea Buckthorn Fruit*, Whole Coffee Fruit*, Alaskan Blueberry*, Cocoa Seed*, Amla Fruit*, Marigold Flower*, Arnica*.

Here is the LINK to their product page:

I noticed they have deleted my comment on their Instagram and blocked me since I expressed my feelings regarding their naughty behavior. I am hoping eventually they will attempt to use their own imagination and come up with their own formulas. I was watching the movie THE WORDS the other night and couldn’t help relating. This act is a different form of plagiarism but it is really very much the same. It is not like they stole my whole ‘book’ and published it as theirs (maybe I should be thanking them) but they still stole a few pages. Creating that one product, my first, took years of my life to perfect and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Just looking at their product photos is painful. I can tell the texture of their foundation is completely different than mine. It looks heavy and chunky.:(

They have copied my content I wrote on the product benefits word for word onto their website also – sadly not a lot of creativity on the part of I’M FABULOUS. My client had mentioned that at first she thought our companies were affiliated. NOPE, absolutely not. We don’t seem to be cut from the same cloth. I’M FABULOUS COSMETICS is not a plant based or natural line. I noticed one product even contains Clostridium Botulinum, a bacterial spore or virus that grows on food and produces toxins that, when ingested, cause paralysis. And then there is my bio-foundation right next to it. But even before my client emailed us she felt something was a little off about I’M FABULOUS (thank goodness) and wanted to alert me. I have received worried messages in the past of ‘copycats’. I appreciate all of you looking out for me and my brand. Like I said, it does sting, but I am more concerned with the trusting people who are not aware this is going on. Try to get to know a company through social media and their blog before you invest in it. If something just doesn’t sit right, go with your gut. Feel free to reach out to us too if you need a recommendation. There are a lot of amazing companies who care about each individual’s well being but there also seem to be more and more cropping up which just see dollar signs. They are in disguise – wolves in sheep’s clothing. Please be careful out there. Because there are no regulations in the cosmetics industry, I think we are going to see the creation of ‘FAKE HAUT FOUNDATIONS’ and other products happening more and more.:(

extend your summer tan + improve health


When melanin levels are boosted, only minimal UV exposure is required to tan effectively. This unique formula allows us to take a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximize benefit & minimize risk. HAUT introduces this summer’s game changer – amino acids – smart, active ingredients that work WITH and WITHOUT UV exposure to allow the body to stimulate it’s own natural tanning process.

In humans, melanin is the primary determinant of skin and hair color. However, few people know that melanin is found in almost every organ of the body and is necessary for the brain and nerves to operate, the eyes to see, and the cells to reproduce. It is also found in the stria vascularis of the inner ear. In the brain, tissues with melanin include the medulla and pigment-bearing neurons within areas of the brainstem, such as the locus coeruleus and the substantia nigra. It also occurs in the zona reticularis of the adrenal gland.

Melanin can absorb a great amount of energy and yet not produce a tremendous amount of heat when it absorbs energy, because it can transform harmful energy into useful energy. Melanin can absorb tremendous quantities of energy of all kinds, including energy from sunlight, x-ray machines, and energy that is formed within cells during the metabolism of cells. Melanin has the ability to neutralize the potentially harmful effects of these energies.




The human growth hormone, commonly called “somatotropin”, is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. The human body produces it every day and is provided in certain portion by the pituitary gland, located in the human brain. It is then released into the bloodstream (in small amounts) and also released during sleep (when the human growth hormone is at its peak) It’s worth mentioning that it is what is responsible for supporting a healthy state in the body despite the fact that it is in the blood for only a few minutes.

Immediately after it is secreted it is absorbed by the liver and processed there. Although the human growth hormone has been relevantly recently the subject of many studies, modern technology has made it possible to create supplemental forms of the human growth hormone. This is vital for the health and beauty of the human body.

It is sometimes stated that HGH and women are not compatible concepts. Supposedly it can only spoil the perfect physique of a woman’s body, which is already blessed with unparalleled beauty. However, this statement does not hold to be true, seeing as how the human growth hormone is compatible with both the man and woman’s body alike.

This means that it can not only benefit from it but thrives on the human growth hormone and it ready to receive it without any side effects. Consequently, it is proven to be safe for women.

Do not forget that after 20 years of age, each and every year the amount of HGH produced by the body is significantly reduced. This means that the body suffers irreversible negative effects if left to fend for itself – this is the so called process of aging. Alas, to halt the process is unrealistic, but it can be slowed down and contained, in a way pausing and rewinding old age. This is possible if your body is consistently being provided with an additional source of the components it requires.





First of all, the active tanning agent in our DHA-FREE CARAMEL TAN is a yellow to reddish sugar found in red berries, most commonly raspberries. Like DHA, it tans the skin due to a reaction with the amino acids (proteins) in the skin’s dead surface layer, producing a brownish tint.

Our DHA-FREE formula works in much the same manner as a DHA TAN. Neither ingredient uses the skin’s normal pigmentation or UV exposure to produce the tan coloration. It rather works as a chemical reaction on the skin’s dead surface cell layer, and changes the dead skin cells to a brownish tone.  This is a similar reaction to how cut fruit can turn brownish when exposed to air.

With any self tanner, as the skin’s colored (tanned) dead cells flake off (millions a day) the lighter un-tanned skin appears, which is what causes a sunless tan to fade or lighten. This can take anywhere from 5-10 plus days, depending on skin condition, products used, the active tanning agent and formula used, and skin care practices before and after tanning. Proper exfoliation right before your application of HAUT CARAMEL TAN can help the tan tone appear richer, deeper, and last longer. Depending on the client, the tan fade rate may be slower, and smoother.

When compared to DHA, ours is a slower working tanning agent that can be less drying to the skin. Our formula is also unique in that it does not create that familiar smell that DHA does on the surface of the skin. This is something all DHA sunless tanners do. Some have said it smells like baking bread. We also do not add any type of perfume or essential oil to our formula. Our sunless tan coloration may be more visually pleasing and ‘natural’ looking, as our unique formula is a slightly different tonality than DHA. It can add a warmer/redder tone to the final sunless tan. The colour of tan can vary depending on the individual client, as each person’s unique skin’s tone is mixing with the tan our formula creates. When used alone, the tan developed is more red and warm in color than a DHA based tan which is more orange. Our formula generally takes 2-3 days to develop a tanned color, and reaches its maximum intensity after 4-6 days. DHA takes 8-24 hours to completely darken, and intensifies for 2-4 days.

For brides, or anyone wanting to achieve the perfect tan for a special day, evening, or event. doing two applications over two days can make the tan appear its darkest on days 2-4 of application. It is a huge benefit also for those wanting to stay tan for a week. Our DHA-FREE formula creates a significantly slower fading tan than a DHA TAN, as the coloration peaks later in the tan development cycle. The best time to do an application is in the morning, right after an exfoliating shower. You want to leave the formula on the skin, just like you would a body butter. Drinking a lot of water and moisturizing well will extend the life of your tan and richly hydrated skin will also show off a deeper, more natural tan. You can read about KRIS CARR’S SELF-TANNER REVIEW HERE.

protect your feather stroke brows

I love everything about the face and it’s expressions but I have always been especially infatuated with the brows. Brows have the ability to change the look of the entire face. It is almost magical. I believe it is because they frame the ‘windows to the soul’, the eyes. When I was younger my girlfriends would often catch me studying their brows as they were trying to share something with me and would say “Hey, my eyes are down here!” I understand why more and more women are turning to brow tattooing. It is wonderful to be able to create the perfect brow with makeup but it is a huge time saver if your brows are already done when you wake up. Some are blessed with beautifully lush brows that just need a touch of evening out here and there. Others, like myself, over did it with tweezing, and when you over tweeze, the hairs do not always grow back over time. Sickness can also cause brows to become thin, or sparse brows can be a reminder of having been sick.

I tried brow tattooing myself but the procedure was done almost two decades ago. Back then, it was done in a blocking or stippling pattern. I like the new method much better because it doesn’t look like a tattoo if done correctly. It looks like tiny brow hairs. Also, it is important to make sure that the technician you go to uses crushed earth pigments and not synthetic ink. The pigments should be vegan and 100% natural. Feather stroke is about creating the look of actual brow hairs with fine strokes. After getting my brows done twenty years ago, I moved to the west coast to go to makeup school. So when it was time for a brow touch up session a couple years later, I had to go to a different technician. Her style of brow was much different than the first time I had them done. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but I honestly couldn’t wait for them to lighten up to the point of disappearing. I opted to grow out my natural brows as much as possible in hopes of covering up the tattoo. At the time, I was doing a lot of traveling to hot and balmy places. I was not applying sun protection to my brows so my brow tattoos actually disappeared at warp speed all on their own. So thankfully nature stepped in and naturally erased my brows tattoos for me.

If you have recently had your brows done with the new feather stroke method, this same thing could happen to you, even if you love your new brows. They are an investment so protecting them with natural SPF daily is of the utmost importance. I recommend apply our RASPBERRY ELIXIR as soon as you begin the healing process {and this goes for any type of tattoo-not just brows}. Your brows will be crisp and dark at first as the tattoo heals, as well as being a little sore and sensitive. You will go through a period of tingling and itchiness as the skin renews itself over the next week. I recommend applying one spray to the inside palm of our hand and then gently tapping the product into your brows with your index finger.

Our RASPBERRY ELIXIR  contains 35-50 spf but it also reduces inflammation in the skin. Nothing is added to the oil and nothing is taken out. Our oil is cold pressed and certified organic red raspberry seed oil from certified organic red raspberry seeds, which are grown locally without the use of synthetic chemicals.

 Red Raspberry Seed Oil is a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids and antioxidants; including Vitamin E, polyphenols and ellagic acid. These natural antioxidants mop-up skin damaging free radicals that are caused by sunlight and other environmental stresses. Its anti-inflammatory action soothes irritated skin.

 Due to Red Raspberry seed oil’s high antioxidant content, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, and its natural UV protection, it is included as an ingredient in skin care products for anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing and balancing. The potential UVA and UVB protection afforded by raspberry seed oil is reportedly similar to titanium dioxide with an SPF protection factor of 28-50 (Oomah et al 2000)*. This nourishing and healing oil is also a main ingredient in our HAUT CARAMEL TAN. It treats irritated skin such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Things to keep in mind in your quest for the right technician from a makeup artist’s point of view:


-experience/before and after photos

-only 100% vegan and natural pigments are used

-choose a level of colour that will suit you without makeup

-do a rough sketch first and do not just go with the current brow trend shape





where to start on the path to fresh, luxury vegan beauty

I am still amazed when I look around at how far makeup has come since I started my line. I remember working for a line fresh out of makeup school that evoked this simplistic, natural feel in its marketing and packaging. However, when I dug deeper I was confused as to why I could not pronounce the ingredients. I was kind of looking around, thinking, ummm – is it just me who is feeling a little betrayed here? Even after I started my line, I was doubtful anyone out there cared about the same things as me, or got excited about the same things as me when it came to beauty. I would start to explain about the potency of the raw ingredients I had lovingly hand blended into each unique formula. Often a client would cut me off and say, “I don’t really care what is in it dear, what I want to know is if it works.” I have learned over the years that everyone is on their own path and as excited as I am to make someone feel naturally beautiful, I need to be patient and let them come to me when they are ready. Usually the point where someone was fully on board and believed in what I was doing was when they bumped into a friend, also a client of mine, whose skin glowed and looked youthful and vibrant. They wanted to know what they were doing differently. When makeup has truly beautiful, clean ingredients and zero crud, it speaks for itself.


We get so many emails from new clients who are wanting to clean up their makeup bag and are not sure where to begin. Most start out by saying they are having a hard time figuring out what shades would suit them best online. Take a deep breath and let us handle that part! It’s free and we have been doing this for twelve years for people all over the world without ever seeing them in person. We have been able to match all their unique skin tones with the perfect colour and coverage for their lifestyle and they have been our clients for years. We have a pretty good feeling we can do it for you too.


The more background you can give us on what you have been struggling with regarding your makeup routine, or if you do not even have one, the better we are able to help. Once we match you up with a colour palette, you can start with samples and see what textures work the best for your skin type. If you decide you would like to customize the colours a little more before you order the full size, you will have the ability to do that too. Make sure that when taking photos, your source of lighting is 100% natural and that you take a photo in two or three different areas, close to a window. Light can reflect off the skin in different ways depending on the climate and the time of day.


If you are using products underneath our makeup products that still contain Dimethicone, Mineral Oil, and other ingredients that are not compatible with your body, you will not get the results you could be getting out of our products. It is important that your skincare routine is as simple and clean as your makeup routine. If you are not sure if a product is clean, feel free to ask, or browse the new apps online which will give it to you straight! Like I mentioned above, if there are ingredients you cannot pronounce, chances are the product is not 100% natural.


If you want to achieve better skin, what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. Make sure you stay well hydrated through the day. Drinking teas like Organic Dandelion Root will keep your liver cleansed and this will make skin glow! Add some fresh aloe to your smoothie in the morning to make it extra- alkalizing! Try to choose all different colours of vegetables and fruits to get the most variety of potent antioxidants. I am also a huge fan of fermented juices as they give the body what it needs to create its own vitamins. The added benefit is that it does not only improve your skin’s health, it will improve your energy and even your mood.


I honestly feel lost without my brushes, like I am all thumbs. Makeup brushes allow you to create a polished look in a minimal amount of time. If you invest in good quality vegan brushes and look after them, they will last you a lifetime. I put a lot of thought into the making of every brush. Our luxury vegan brushes allow you to create so many different types of coverage, colors, and texture. We want you to have fun with your makeup and the way it is applied. We are just an email away to help with any questions or concerns you may have and hope this helps take the guess work out of it so that you have more time to PLAY!




how makeup can age you

In makeup school I learned how to do a lot of different types of makeup. ‘Pretty’ makeup was actually a really small part of the course. The makeup portion I learned the most from was the aging makeup for film and TV. What stayed with me the most was how it only took a few steps to really age the face.. I decided that THAT would be how I would focus on makeup application. I would do the exact opposite of those steps when teaching others how to apply their makeup. I will be going over the steps in my next post, MATURE MAKEUP PART II. Application is an important part but to me it is 80% the ingredients that allow me to create glowing looks on all ages. There are a few ingredients I have worked with in the past that I was constantly told were safe and would make skin look ‘more youthful’. Now I am often asked why I have chosen to leave these popular ingredients out of our formulas. I will explain to you first my feedback on an ingredient as a makeup artist and then from a green chemist perspective.


ARTIST: This became the natural alternative to talc. I saw this on the ingredient list in all the first mineral makeup brands that started cropping up two decades ago. It is what sort of confused me at first about mineral makeup. It was supposed to be ‘pure’ but I would notice it made my own combination skin look like an oil slick. It was also impossible to create a ‘matte look’ for editorial and film makeup. Bismuth also has a strong pink undertone. Not only does it clog pores, it can permanently stretch pore walls, as well as causing acne and redness. If you notice a line requires a mineral ‘veil’ over the application of foundation, this is a sign the foundation contains Bismuth.

GREEN CHEMIST: This is very similar in chemical composition to ARSENIC. The biggest concern about using Bismuth Oxychloride is that it frequently causes irritation and sensitization such as redness, itching, rashes and inflammation. The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) lists it as a potential irritant to humans when come into contact with the skin and/or eyes. Because of its molecular crystalline shape, experience itching from this ingredient, particularly when they sweat.


ARTIST: Although I did a lot of bridal makeup in my younger days, my calling and my passion has always been mature makeup. Women of all ages should feel beautiful.. However, I would become so frustrated with the presence of this ingredient in the products i used because it enhanced fine lines to the max. Now there are more MICA-FREE lines like mine but it is one of the reasons I actually started to mixing my own makeup. I noticed Mica could make someone look decades beyond their years in just a few quick swipes (see photo below). All too often a bare-faced, 40+ client would hop in my makeup chair and confess that she just kind of ‘gave up on makeup’ because it made her look older. Because it is very inexpensive it is used as a filler and has no benefit to skin.

GREEN CHEMIST: This mineral breaks into the thinnest of flakes which are then wet ground finer and finer but they remain flakes. And flakes have edges. So they shimmer. But what do fine edges do, as well? They cut. This causes inflammation and irritation on the surface of the skin, much like with the ingredient Bismuth Oxychloride. When Mica dust is breathed in, what its tiny flakes do is scar the lungs. No studies yet show the same dangers for cosmetics, but Cosmetics Database website lists mica as moderately hazardous.



ARTIST: Titanium Dioxide gives mineral makeup sunscreen and coverage and is used in most sunscreens, paints, plastics, and even food.This is the an ingredient I was not sure I would ever figure out how to do without because when I looked around, almost every other line listed it in the ingredients. Surprisingly, after a lot of experimentation, I was able to create a formula for each product that performed just as well, if not better, without it. I have found that TD is similar to Talc and Bismuth Oxychloride. What I have noticed about our Titanium Dioxide Free formula is that it is not as drying and ultimately ‘aging’. Makeup is lighter and bends more easily.

GREEN CHEMIST: Research suggests that TD dust, if inhaled, is a group 2B cancerogen = a possible cancerogen. French scientists proved that TD nanoparticles could be just as toxic as Asbestos (a close relative of TD), accumulating in the lungs and causing lung irritation, inflammation and, ultimately, cancer. Instead of repeating a previous post HERE is a link to the lowdown on Titanium Dioxide.









pumpkin dessert mask recipe


Refrigeration for most of our products is not required to preserve the product from spoiling; the function is to extend the potency and efficacy of the raw ingredients. In our research we find products that are kept fresh with refrigeration are up to twice as effective over non-refrigerated products.


I love caring for the skin with the same ingredients I am putting into my body to care for it. I squeeze half a lime into my water every morning. Then I take the freshly squeezed lime rinds and lightly whisk them over my face. I leave it on for a few minutes and then use a little Glacial Clay Cleanser to cleanse and exfoliate. I like to do the same thing with the inside part of an avocado skin if it is evening and I am not going anywhere. It will have the best results if done on a bare, freshly cleansed face. What is more potent than antioxidants coming directly from a fresh fruit or vegetable?


Pumpkins are rich in antioxidants like Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Vitamins A & C, and Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), which leave your skin healthy and soft. Pumpkin will make your skin glow and it will be so grateful for this seasonal, therapeutic balm!


  • 2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin (puréed)
  • 1 tablespoon of soy yogurt or ¼ teaspoon of soymilk

Optional additional ingredients:

  • ½ teaspoon of brown sugar (helps exfoliate) or
  • ¼ teaspoon cranberry juice (helps keeps skin from looking dull) or ½ teaspoon gluten-free oatmeal (if you’d like a thicker mask; oatmeal is great for dry skin)



Choose makeup that also works as skincare, just with coverage and color. If it is being absorbed into your skin all day, every day, you want it to be purely beneficial with natural protection and healing properties. When products are handcrafted in small batches it maximizes quality and freshness. With a mission to create the healthiest, non-toxic products that also deliver real results using powerful organic superfoods and raw ingredients, our products transform the skin and complexion.

Dunkin’ Donuts & Haut Cosmetics have something in common….

I try to spend at least an hour a day reading about plant based ingredients that have been newly discovered. I also do my best to stay on top of any new information that surfaces on the ingredients that I already use in my products, just to be safe. When these products are applied every day, even if the quantity is small, they can have a cumulative effect over time in our bodies.

Titanium Dioxide is an ingredient I have consistently been looking for new research on as it is not only in cosmetics and skincare, it is in literally everything. It is in almost every white consumer product, including sunscreen, toothpaste, powdered sugar and various sweets, as well as children’s toys, other plastics, and even our CLOTHING. Food manufacturers use food grade Titanium Dioxide to make white items appear brighter. However, in 2012, researchers at Arizona State University found that much of the food-grade Titanium Dioxide on the market includes nanoparticles. While Titanium Dioxide has been deemed safe for human consumption, the safety of Nano Titanium Dioxide has not been studied, and activists are concerned that nanoparticles are now essentially being TESTED on the public.


The ‘nano’ effect is where some particles are smaller than 100 nanometers and seem to be more ‘potent’ – or capable of doing more damage in the body – than larger particles of the same material. It’s an effect that is particularly clear when particles like Titanium Dioxide deposit in the lungs. But it can also occur elsewhere in the body. Depending on what they are made of and what shape they are, research has shown that some nanoparticles are capable of getting into parts of the body that are inaccessible to larger particles. And some particles are more chemically reactive because of their small size. Some may cause unexpected harm simply because they are small enough to throw a nano-wrench into the nano-workings of our cells.

Researchers have found that children have the highest concentrations of Titanium Dioxide and that it persists in the environment. “Although several of these product classes contained low amounts of Titanium, their widespread use and disposal down the drain and eventually to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) deserves attention,” the ASU report said. Something that has frustrated me lately is that Titanium Dioxide has actually been showing up in ‘healthy’ vegan foods too. When digging deeper I discovered that if it is added at 1% or lower it does not even have to be included in the ingredients.

So this year Dunkin’ Donuts announced that its powdered sugar would no longer feature Titanium Dioxide — after an environmental nonprofit requested its removal from the chain’s baked goods. Dunkin’ Donuts reformulated its powdered sugar following advice from As You Sow, which raised fears regarding the toxicity of Titanium Dioxide when ingested as a ‘nanomaterial.’

 The American Cancer Society has listed Titanium Dioxide among the five most carcinogenic substances on the planet. It is considered a cause of asthma, cancer, kidney disease,  Alzheimer’s and fertility loss. Peer-reviewed research available on PubMed reveals that Titanium Dioxide has been linked to a number of conditions including DNA damage. Through sourcing GreenMedInfo on the subject, a database which indexes available research on toxic substances and beneficial ones alike, you can find that seven pieces of peer-reviewed research has linked Titanium Dioxide to DNA damaging effects.

Like Dunkin’ Donuts, we have gone 100% Titanium Dioxide Free. Removal of the ingredient all together means that for those stumbling upon Haut for the first time, concerns about nano-sized Titanium Dioxide are removed too. Not only has the quality and sun protection of our products been maintained, it is better. When a foundation (even a 100% natural one) is made with Titanium Dioxide in the base, the finish tends have a more pastel pink tone on the surface of the skin, even though the particles appear white. Many have olive undertones and when coverage is used that contains TD, you need more yellow-based products to counteract the pastel tone in natural lighting. When added to powder foundations, TD can make skin look ghostly white in photos, which can make a makeup artist’s job that much more challenging. Though there are benefits to the ingredient, like sun protection, all this confusion that surrounds this one single ingredient seems to outweigh anything positive. I feel good about this decision. I hope more detailed research is underway on Titanium Dioxide and that if it is truly harmful, that investors will pressure more food and beauty companies to remove it and find a safe alternative.


‘our earth, our cure…’

Our TD-FREE blend has a natural sun protection as well as locally-sourced ingredients to BRING SKIN BACK TO LIFE & BALANCE MOISTURE.


Don’t let its transparent nature fool you. Even though it’s light on the skin, it’s a heavyweight when it comes to sun protection. It offers true broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Zinc Oxide is constituted of particles that can actually both absorb and reflect UV radiation. Most sunscreens block only UVB. Titanium Dioxide blocks some UVA and Zinc Oxide blocks more UV radiation than any other single ingredient.


This plant wax helps bind particles so the formulas are less ‘flyaway’. The wax also keeps the shade from changing color throughout the day, absorbs oil, and helps eliminate the typical shine on the surface of the skin. Without the Titanium Dioxide present, particles are able to lay smoothly on the skin but are not so small that they can pass through it. Our particles are not nano-sized as many Titanium Dioxide bases are (without any labeling of nano-sized particles being present). This can present a huge health risk so that is why we avoid Titanium Dioxide in our loose formulas all together.


Despite its 45,000 year age, this is a rare and newly found treasure. It is also one of the most healing clays. Found on the coastal region of British Columbia, this rare deposit contains more than 40 minerals, micro-nutrients and trace elements.

In tests conducted over the past twenty years, it has been found that most clays have a pH factor range from 7-14 on the alkaline side of the scale. Glacial Marine Clay has a pH factor of 6.5 to 7.3, as close to neutral as possible. Glacial Marine Clay belongs to the family of green clays. According to Dr. Raymond Dextreit, an expert on clays and the author of the book, ‘Our Earth, Our Cure’, the green family of clays are the most desirable and the only type recommended for ingestion.

It feels great going on, improving circulation, detoxifying, exfoliating away dead skin cells WHILE IT TIGHTENS UP WRINKLES, LEAVING THE SKIN FEELING SOFT, SMOOTH, AND SUPER ALIVE. Having a bio-stimulant effect on the cells, it produces local skin warming, accelerates physiological processes and increases cell division in surrounding tissue. It’s the perfect balancing and revitalizing agent. Glacial Marine Clay slows the effect of aging on the skin’s surface, rejuvenating its tired complexion and renewing skin’s elasticity. Glacial Marine Clay cannot be produced synthetically! This beautiful B.C. clay has an absorption ability and net negative ion charge which attract most positively-charged bacteria, thereby detoxifying and cleansing the skin.


Kaolinite is high in calcium, zinc, and magnesium, which are beneficial for oily, blemished skin. The clay’s mildly drying and disinfectant properties may help heal existing blemishes and inflammation while preventing new ones from forming. Traditionally, clays are used to reduce swelling and inflammation and to draw impurities from the skin. Cosmetic clays are made up of different mineral contents, and each clay type has a different effect on the skin.


The name Arrowroot is derived from the phrase ‘root used to treat wounds from poison-tipped arrows’. Arrowroot is also used traditionally to treat gangrene and athlete’s foot, by sheer moisture control as it does not possess any medicinal qualities. As it is soothing to the skin like Aloe Vera, it is also used to treat small pox, as a means of controlling the eruptions as a non-irritating topical application and soothing the itching.


Not to be confused with Canadian Glacial Marine Clay, our Canadian Glacial Clay comes from a prehistoric formation located in central Canada. This glacial clay dates back to the Cretaceous period when clay sediments were deposited on the floors of an ancient ocean. Since the glacial clay formation is approximately 33 to 45 feet thick, only the finest clay deposits are selected.

  • Sodium: Natural cleanser and boosts hydration
  • Magnesium: Acts as a natural skin toner; helps to retain moisture in skin
  • Potassium: Antibacterial properties; has an astringent effect
  • Sulphate: Works with Potassium to aid in maintaining healthy skin