better than botox + lipo

I actually purchased this device over a decade ago at a wellness show. Even though I wasn’t too concerned about aging yet, I noticed that the device created an immediate lift to the eyes and the texture of my skin improved after using it on a regular basis. They did a little demo on my friend and she rushed over to where I was saying how she had to go back and get them to do the other side of her face. Her one eyebrow was significantly higher and her eye more lifted and cat-like. When your eyes are lifted and more open, and the skin is smooth, it makes eye makeup a lot more fun. The way Jennifer Aniston’s facialist explains this device is that it is like a shrink wrap for your skin. It is very noticeable when used around eyes, mouth, and jawline but you can also use it on other areas. It can also be used to smooth cellulite and loose skin from weight loss. It is also a wonderful treatment for cystic acne because it kills bacteria on the surface of the skin, the same way ozone therapy is incorporated into holistic dentistry.

skin benefits

It encourages and revitalizes by delivering out a light stream of low-level micro-current impulses as much as 168,000 cycles per second, emulating 100s of small fingers that massage the skin – and massage helps improve circulation getting oxygen and vital nutrition for your skin s surface. Radio frequency can penetrate the skin to the dermis layer and heat up to 40~60 degrees, which can promote blood circulation and stimulate collagen production, resulting in tightening of skin, improving fine lines, deeper lines, and smoothing skin. Radio frequency treatments should be three or less times a week whereas micro-current can be applied every day. I describe them as being like a workout, weights and cardio. Microcurrent is like the weights because it works deep in the muscle to tone and lift. RF + OXYGEN is the cardio, it improves everything above the muscle. You will see a very positive change in the texture of your skin.

whole health benefits

This device delivers enriched oxygen or ozone transdermally into the body. You can actually smell it when you run the device over the top of your hand or anywhere on your body. Ozone kills bacteria and pathogens on the surface of the skin and scalp. Hair will grow thicker and it will grow faster, including your eyebrows and eyelashes. I find it actually tames my brows, I am not sure how but I do know for sure as I get older my brows need it. An oxygenated environment is a healthy environment. I think that cellulite-free skin must somehow tie into whole health and so I will mention that using this device on cellulite and body fat will shrink wrap those areas too. A spa in NY calls this treatment ‘the burn’ because it literally burns off body fat:


So you could use it every other day of the week until it is your night to use your microneedling tool. Both the radio frequency device and holistic microneedling tool can be paired with pure hyaluronic acid and argirlene (see nature’s botox+filler) to allow the deepest penetration. There is little to no redness after a 5 minute treatment and because of the immediate lift, it is a wonderful device to use before an event. I also like using the RF + OXYGEN device with my newest hydrating serum, the rooibos cream.

I think that with a lot of professional treatments done in a clinic with a moderate and greater level of pain as well at a great expense, we have always thought that more is better, but that is not always the way I have received the results I wanted. I have achieved the most desirable effects out of a little cocktail of treatments done more often and in the comfort of my home but everyone is different. My friend who received the PRP treatment I explained in my last post had remarked that with the numbing treatment being applied and the commute to and from the clinic, that one treatment took about 6 hours from his day. I think that something that can be done successfully with a home device to treat acne and other debilitating skin conditions, and can be done more often with no downtime, saving me hundreds of dollars, is something I wanted to share with my clients as an option. When I had terrible breakouts I just didn’t have the funds to try anything other than topical antibiotics. When my sister had very painful cystic acne, she tried a very expensive treatment at a clinic that did absolutely nothing. I encourage everyone to do their own research and if you have a serious health condition, consult your doctor before using the device. Here is an interesting example of what I am talking about. This video below is of a very expensive ‘cocktail facial’ that someone received using the same cocktail of treatments by devices I offer. It is actually pretty exciting and empowering! Now that i have this sweet little collection of at-home treatments to offer my clients I am in the process of  re-customizing the NATURE’S COCKTAIL SERUMS that I have created to pair with them for optimal product absorption (up to 8X the absorption of just applying the product to your skin). Stay tuned for my next post…