microcurrent device – better than a facelift

When I find something that works just as well (and sometimes better) as a more pricey, clinical treatment and it can be done exactly when I want to do it, in the comfort of my home, I naturally want to share it with my mom, friends, and clients. At-home devices are now in serious competition with professional treatments. They are a convenient way to smooth out and improve the canvas I am painting – the face! It makes sense that when the texture of skin is improved, or your cheek bones look more sculpted, it makes your makeup look better and you want to apply it more to enhance and protect your canvas than cover anything up. For this reason I added the holistic microneedling tool to my website a couple years ago. It contains red light therapy and it is meant to be paired with my custom skin cocktail serums which are like needle-free filler and botox. Microneedling while applying the serums drives the ingredients into skin for the deepest penetration of things like hyaluronic acid (naturally found in the body and acts like a filler), argireline (a non-toxic, natural alternative to botox)  and phosphatidylcholine (naturally found in the body and dissolves body fat). It is basically like aerating your lawn. The nutrients seep into the micro-holes created and the holes actually start to heal and close up within minutes. If you are going over fine lines, you will notice they are immediately filled up and smoothed out. It is the same idea as the Sculplla Mask but with a microneedling treatment instead of the mask I think results are even better.

I recently spoke to a friend who was going to go for the newest ‘hollywood-level’ treatment at his favorite skin clinic. I was trying to figure out what the treatment was from their online description. Usually a spa or clinic will call the treatment a unique name so that you do not really know if you can get the treatment somewhere else for a less expensive cost. This clinic called the treatment ‘dermasculpting’ and it was more expensive than the usual treatment he received. He had been doing a PRP facial which was $800. This treatment was $1800 and they recommended he come back 2-3 more times within the next couple of months for optimal results ($1800–x3=$5400). What surprised me most was that it said on their website that the results would last only six months. The website description of the treatment was really vague so I couldn’t nail down what they were doing until he explained it to me post-treatment and sent me a photo of his face. My friend said it took over 3 hours because they had to first apply a numbing gel all over his face. Then the doctor came in and prepared a hyaluronic serum to apply to the skin at the same time as the treatment. At this point it was starting to sound very familiar. And because my friend had purchased my microneedling tool he too knew exactly what they were doing – it was a microneedling treatment using the same tool I offer on my website for under $100. The ‘nature’s botox + filler’ is the same ingredient blend the doctor applied while microneedling my friend’s face. The cost if you were to do it yourself once a week for a month would be a very small fraction of the cost my friend paid for just ONE TREATMENT. You do not have the luxury of having the numbing gel applied first but I do not recommend it has it is very toxic so to me it contradicts the benefits of the ‘natural’ treatment.

holistic microneedling tool

So this tool paired with my serums provides the same results as injections but without the needle, bruising, and at a more reasonable expense. I have learned over the past few years that you can incorporate treatments that create noticeable results even if practiced just once a week. More is not always better. I prefer doing something that is more consistent and less painful of a treatment over something where I have to hide from the world because I am peeling or severely injured-looking. With the microneedling roller you do not need to use it more than once a week, two days at the most, if you are a speedy healer. Giving your skin adequate healing time is just as important as the treatment itself. You can use it for any area of the body, as long as skin is not broken or injured. You want to protect your skin with natural spf and lots of hydration after the treatment for optimal results. I find the results are similar to an acupuncture facial. When I do a treatment on myself I get a burst of energy so I try not to do it too late in the night. The benefit of infrared lighting right in the tool is a huge plus as it speeds up the healing and stimulates new collagen production. Just microneedling alone takes a little longer to produce results – roughly four to six weeks. But with the addition of my needle-free serums you will see immediate results as well as long term. Find out more about this tool here.

new tools for spring/summer 2019

1. microcurrent device

If I were to refer to this as an alternative to anything, I would say it is the alternative to filler or even a facelift. The results may not be as dramatic as a surgical facelift, but I would say that is the best kind of treatment. You want it to be less harsh and gradual, but noticeable. I have studied hundreds of befores and afters of this treatment and it reminds me of the movie Benjamin Button. The before photo looks like it was taken ten years later than the after. Also, in a way, microcurrent treatments do the exact opposite of botox. Botox inhibits the muscle movements that cause expression lines. If a muscle is immobilized, even temporarily, it will use less energy and start to atrophy. Indeed, atrophy can be utilized for esthetic effect — for example, a cheek can be given a hefty dose of Botox to slim it down. But for me, that’s one of the problems with Botox; muscle atrophy leads to sunken faces and skin that folds into marionette lines. One also needs to get more of it and more often because of these long term effects. Some have great results with botox but me, I’d rather opt for plumping.

skin benefits

We have electrical charges pulsating throughout our bodies. Microcurrent mimics the body’s own natural bio-electrical field and sends tiny electrical currents to our muscles. There are over 30 muscles in the face, and microcurrent can be used to stimulate the muscles. There is no muscle contraction. The muscle is woken up, and the current reminds it where it used to be (before gravity wore it down) and muscle memory is reactivated. So, used over time, the muscles are re-educated to resume their place for a perky and plumper look. Microcurrent is actually nothing new. It was used to treat bell’s palsy and patients realized that they had a more youthful appearance after a series of treatments. The number one complaint of my mature clients, which are 95% of my clients, is that someone will say that they look mad when they actually are not mad at all. I see this in the before photos (on product page). When you lift the face you are opening up the eyes and lifting the corners of the mouth that gives you more of that happy, bright-eyed look we all want to maintain.

whole health benefits

Additionally, research has shown that microcurrent may help with anti-aging at an even deeper level. In 1982, researcher Ngok Cheng led a study that provided hard evidence of microcurrent’s role in cellular vitality by proving that microcurrent increased levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in skin cells by 500 percent. ATP is the fuel a cell needs to function. Actually ATP is a really big deal as it is the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body. It boosts protein synthesis, necessary for tissue repair.Right now everyone is really stuck on the youthful effects but it is wonderful for eye health too.  As I get older I think more about how important the health of my eyes are so I would be using this device for the eye health benefits alone. Microcurrent also helps with water retention. It drains the lymphatic system which gets more sluggish as we get older. This creates a natural detox and clearing out of toxins and heavy metals which naturally boosts immunity. This device is actually very similar to my parasite zapper but it is designed much better for use on the curves of the face. Browse my microcurrent device product page for before and afters and how-to videos!



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