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My fave things




I love how this mask relaxes the eyes and blocks out light. It is light, soft, and adjustable. The charcoal is embedded in the mask. The secret is the simple but revolutionary four-layer structure.  The binchotan charcoal sheet {part of the layers} emits far infrared rays and enhances blood circulation. Since discovering salt therapy where you float in the dark in a pool, I have enjoyed a big bubble/salt bath and putting these on for awhile with aromatherapy candles burning.


This would probably be one of my deserted island things as I love my brushes and this is the brush I use the most right now! It is my ‘fine details’ brush. It’s an amazing lip brush but turn it on it’s side and it is a lip liner. Being that it works as a lip liner you can also use it as an eyeliner and brow filler, again by using the thin side and fine tip. The more often it is washed (use sulphate-free soap, re-shape, and lay to dry) the better it will work. Too much product embedded in the bristles will make it fatter and a fine line is difficult to create. I love using it to apply my Vintage Aloe Cream Tint to the inner water line of eyes for a light, daytime smokey eye.


This is a great pick-me-up if you are used to having some colour and start to feel a little pasty around this time of year. I find that it gives me more muscle definition when I have some color, and that in turn makes me want to keep making time for my workouts. If you want a little less color you can mix it with our Raspberry Elixir. Your skin will G L O W from all the incredible ingredients! The best part is that it has a light, fresh scent and is DHA-free.


This is my go-to Aloe Cream Tint. Everyone needs to have that one color that they can use for brows, liner, eye shadow, and even lightly as a contour. For me it is Vintage but I know for a lot of my clients it is Martini. By using a smaller, more defined brush, the colour will be much darker and the larger the brush, the lighter the color. It will create a natural, monochramatic look with a variety of brushes. This is often a look that is created for brides because it is natural and does not draw attention to the makeup but instead to the natural, unique beauty of someone. You will know this is your go-to ACT if it is the best brow color for you.


My favorite area of the face to concentrate on when it comes to applying makeup is the eyebrow area. This tool works like magic in creating the perfect brow, but one key part is you must practice, practice, practice! You can dramatically change your entire look by the way you sculpt your brows. The finer the tip of your angled brow brush, the better you can mimic the look of actual fine brow hairs and fill in any holes. The matte cream consistency also holds brows in place much better than a brow powder. If you have little to no brows I recommend using a cream and a matching powder together to build up the brow. If you want to achieve the same look as a makeup artist or hairstylist that does makeup, look at their tools and how they care for them. A makeup artist cleans her brushes every day. This allows them to go back to their original shape. Good quality brushes should last a lifetime!


Shimmering Energy is my favorite patch right now but I am loving all the patches we offer. {Stay tuned for new ones!} This is not my only form of supplementation. Part of my daily routine is making a huge green smoothie and putting all kinds of things in it like Hemp and Pea Protein, Turmeric, Vegan Greens, Banana, Chlorella, Maca, Cinnamon….you name it, it is added to my green juice. Sometimes though, when I just want to crash into bed or I am traveling, I can slap on a patch and know my body is still getting some form of whole food nutrition. This particular patch is packed full of amazing plant based ingredients. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. It reduces anxiety and depression without causing drowsiness. DHEA improves the production of collagen and increases energy. Damania is a potent aphrodisiac, anti-depressant, and calming tonic. It balances hormones and emotions, creating a feeling of well being and mild euphoria. If you would like to read about all the ingredients click here…..


This is one of our most popular cheek colours as it creates a healthy-looking flush on many different skin tones. If you have cooler undertones you may find that Mauve Magic Aloe Cream Tint is the better choice. Many of my clients love both. You can use this color on lips, eyes, cheeks, and if you have colored skin it is actually a great brightener for hyperpigmentation. Apply to the part of cheek that is the fullest when you smile and blend out like you are tracing a little cinnamon bun on your cheek. This recreates a flush like you just worked out or went for a brisk walk.


This nourishing elixir I use as my ‘oil-cleansing’ product, though I like to switch it up every now and then. Red Raspberry Seed Oil has amazing sun protection all by itself. It also absorbs really well into skin so it does not feel greasy or heavy. I love to use it to remove my eye makeup and then I give myself a little facial massage. In the morning i like to mix it with my Coconut Cream and I apply a little extra under my eyes to soothe puffiness and prep skin for Brightener application. You can also use it if you would like more slip and less of a matte texture to your Concealing HDD. Our Red Raspberry Oil is cold pressed and wildcrafted. It is sourced from a local farm so that it is fresh.


i go between Almond and Burnt Almond BB Cream for coverage. This Almond Cocoa shade I have found is the perfect contour cream. I love how easy it is to blend and when I want a little more definition I follow with my Illuminating Loose Tint. A cream on top of a cream will never create the same longevity as pairing a cream and a powder. So I recommend applying your BB Cream/HDD, then Bio-Foundation, then a suitable contour shade of BB Cream like this one.


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