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summer-glow-blog-june2With summer weather here, it seems appropriate to spend as little time inside doing makeup and hair as possible and get the most out of the Vitamin D situation happening outside. It is also important to keep your skin protected from the strong rays. Make sure your sunscreen is Nano-Free, Oxybenzone-Free, Octinoxate-Free and 100% natural. I really love vegan-friendly Badger Sunscreen. Our BB Cream, HDD, and Bio-Foundation are approximately 27 SPF. We also carry Wildcrafted Raspberry Seed Oil that is grown locally. It is 30-55 SPF.


I used to be very concerned with maintaining ‘matte skin’, especially in summer. I tried every ‘mattifier’ only to find they seemed to make my skin more unbalanced. For awhile, I became a blotting paper junkie. Now I appreciate having a glow and knowing that my skin is able to breathe. If you find your skin is prone to midday shine, you may want to check the ingredients in your skincare, SPF, and makeup. A lot of products contain Dimethicone, which is like saran wrap on your skin. If it is not able to breathe, it cannot heal itself and it will create more of an imbalance. Our Colorless Matte is the perfect ‘beach bag essential’. It does not clog pores and it will prevent your makeup from sliding off your face.


Once you even out your skin tone and brighten where needed, a lightly sun-kissed look is great for all ages. My favorite tip for achieving an effortless summer glow is to actually skip the Illuminating Loose tint. After the Bio-Foundation application, I apply a little Almond Cocoa BB Cream where I would normally apply the Illuminating Loose Tint- blending around perimeter of face, forehead, cheekbones, and bridge of nose. Use Work It Out Brush for the smoothest application. If  you are fair-skinned, Warm Agave BB Cream will suit your skin best. A little is all you need. You can also blend a little onto your shoulders, upper chest, and legs for an all-over soft bronze glow.


Healthy makeup and SPF are an important part of maintaining a summer glow but it really starts on the inside. Getting a restful sleep and staying hydrated makes a huge difference. Starting the day with some freshly squeezed lemon or lime water will cleanse your liver and make your skin glow vibrantly. I also find that my skin color looks better when I take the time to exercise, even if it is just a few minutes of walking.


Okay, sometimes we need a little extra help. I just went for my first ‘cold laser facial’. Not only am I seeing great results in the tone and texture of my skin a week later, it didn’t hurt at all. The Cold Laser Facial applies a stimulating effect instead of a destructive one. Hot lasers are used only in the medical field because of their ability to cause thermal changes and potentially destroy tissue. The Cold Laser is safe even if used for long periods of time. It is used for treating broken capillaries and  acne. I know it can be damaging not only to your skin but also psychologically to experience something like Rosacea or adult acne. You can find out more about the Cold Laser Facial at

Have fun playing!

jo xo



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