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I found out about this challenge in the above photo a little late but I love the tips. It is documented on Instagram @davidsuzukifdn. Did you know that May 2nd was International Gardening Naked Day? What I would like to know is, where were you that day?? Lately I have been in awe of the beauty that surrounds us. We can take it for granted. Have you watched COWSPIRACY? If not I encourage you to take a moment to focus on the present crisis that is happening in nature. As a society we have fallen asleep at the wheel and it is time we wake up and start voting for change with what we choose to eat. I know that at some point all the little ones in my life who I love dearly, are going to know what I did and what I didn’t do to make a difference. Their future and the future of our oceans, forests, and planet depends on us.


This summer HAUT will be expanding into the UK and we will have a couple new locations in the US too! As we continue to grow, we appreciate as much feedback as you can give. We will let you know when these locations are planning to launch as soon as we know! Also, if you are in the US and order $100 or more in product online, we will pay half of your tracked shipping cost. Just select ‘+$100 tracked shipping to US’.


On a personal note, for the past week I have been feeling…well…OLD. It actually has nothing to do with my outer makeup and everything to do with my inner makeup. I went for a thai massage, a gift from a friend, and somehow my lumbar got twisted funny. I have been feeling very restricted in my movements and so, naturally a little late, I am all about back health. What I have been reading is that our sedentary lifestyles contribute to a lot of unhealthy backs. I am now looking into a standing desk and trying to spend a little more time reading emails on my treadmill instead of sitting at my desk. I just wanted to share my story in hopes of inspiring others to strengthen their back now and steer clear of a long term injury over the summer months.


If you haven’t yet, be sure to read my blog post about how to use our BRIGHTENERS and foundation together! These tips will not only keep your eyes bright and face highlighted throughout the day, it will help to protect your skin from future hyper pigmentation, or dark spots from the sun. The creams to fade these spots are very toxic and laser treatments can be expensive so I feel good when I can offer these tips that have worked for me.


Also, please join us on social media every Wednesday as we bring awareness to bullying of all forms, including bullying of nature, animals, child bullying and self bullying. When you purchase one of our pendants, two dollars will go to, a Canadian organization that is working hard to bring greater awareness to the act of bullying.’s purpose is to eliminate bullying in our society by supporting individuals and organizations to take positive actions against bullying through the sharing of resources, and to guide and champion them in creating non-violent solutions to the challenges and problems associated with bullying. Together we can make a difference!


Have fun playing!

Jo xo

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