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Portrait of asian young beauty

One thing that always amazes me as a makeup artist is all the different ways you can make your eyes stand out. Shade combinations and placement variations keep us on the edge of our seats as we enter a new season of trends. I was inspired to write this blog post with the help of Danielle of Faced Makeup when I read an article “What Being Korean Taught Me About Self-image” by Juhea Kim on one of my FAVORITE blogs, Peaceful Dumpling. Here are six important points to keep in mind when choosing how you will apply your eye makeup in the morning or evening:


1. The shape of your eyes.

2. What colors and brushes you have.

3. Your hair, makeup, and clothing together.

4. How much time you have.

5. The longevity of your makeup.

6. Your age.


If it is a gym morning or casual day I like to do what we called in makeup school ‘corrective makeup’. To me it is just a light brightening around the eyes and face as well as highlight/ contour that could be referred to also as ‘no makeup makeup’. It is really fun to play with contouring colors around the eyes. The more you blend, the more natural the effect will be. Softly bended definition around the lash line and into the crease looks pretty on all ages. Smokey eyes can take a little more time. I know personally as an artist I will devote the most time to a clean ‘liquid liner’ with lots of mascara or even false lashes to enhance the eyes. If your eye makeup is going to be more dramatic, your brows should be just as dramatic so that there is balance.

Try something different every so often. Sometimes a trick you never thought would work for you for a daytime look is perfect for evening. Lately, I have noticed a lot of our artists using our White or Yellow Brighteners on the water line of the eyes to widen the look of eyes. If your focus is going to be the eyes, the rest of your makeup can be more understated. As Danielle of Faced Makeup points out in the tutorial video below, it is about bringing out our unique features and, most of all, having fun with our makeup. Even after doing others’ makeup for over twenty years, I learning new things every day.








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