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For the past couple months I have been wondering where everyone disappeared to on The Vegan Housewives Blog. It is almost like when a friend goes missing. We had just submitted our new makeup post to be published by VHW. I like to procrastinate but my little sister gets on my case now that we work together. I think it is good for me but I miss leaving things until the last minute. So we got the post in on time and then we waited for it to go live. It just never happened. I felt sad, like I missed the fireworks. We were puzzled. Did they not think the makeup part was significant in their blog anymore? But there were no new vegan recipe posts either. In fact, you could hear crickets. Amy and I decided that maybe they had taken a break from the blog for a couple weeks.

I started to plan out my schedule for the next month. When I thought about VHW I still felt a little worried. Then my sister sent me a link. It was a new post from one of the VHW founders. I started to read it and suddenly it all made sense. I read almost all of it. Towards the end I started to feel faint and had to stop reading. The last time I felt faint like that my dad had just passed away. We are so immersed in our own lives that we forget about what people might be going through around us. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a baby. I lost my godson an hour after he was born. There were no warning signs, no answers, and it was incredibly traumatic to be getting ready for a celebration of new life and then to find myself speaking at a funeral. Every single life is precious. We hope that Kortney’s story inspires other women to share their stories and begin to heal:




Brows have gone through a brow-volution. They have come a long way, through thick and thin. Oh yes, it wasn’t too long ago that a thin pencil line with a fish hook framed a good number of women’s eyes. Many of us may have begun or are in the process of regrowing our eyebrows. Plant oils will assist in this. Here are some tips for achieving beautifully lush brows:

1. The thicker the brows you have, the younger your brows will make you look.

2. A slight change to the shape of your brows can change the entire look of your face.

3. If you go too dark with your brow color, it can look harsh and aging.

4. No set of brows are identical so just go with it.

5. As we get older a brow hairs get more coarse so a cream brow color fills in the brows as well as holding brow hairs in place.

6. The brush you use to fill in your brows is just as important as the brow tint you use.

7. Taking the time to shape your brows and fill them in gives a more polished look.

8. If you want to look at some beautiful brows, study children’s brow shapes.

9. Over-tweezing brows can create a permanent ‘surprised look’.

10. Applying pure plant oils to brows daily can create new growth and fullness.



Our Defining Moment Brush is wonderful for shaping the brows and emphasizing the length and arch while still maintaining a natural look.

The best way to give the look of fuller brows when yours aren’t quite there yet, is to fill them in with our Aloe Cream Tints. Not only do these tints deposit color but the plant wax holds brows in place throughout the day.

Have you tried our Aloe Cream Tint yet for filling in your brows? If you are busy mom with only a few minutes to spare try our above tips for a natural, but polished summer look that is water resistant and 100% non-toxic.











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