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Do you want to know one of my most favorite things to do when doing makeup? It is giving color to more pale skin. Every shade of  skin is beautiful in its own way and pale skin is no different. It has its own unique characteristics. If you give a little bit of contour or color in just the right places it highlights the rest – simple ageless beauty. This goes for the whole body. Color creates curves, highlighting lifts.  As a somewhat pale Canadian, one reason I have always liked self-tanning creams is that you could wake up and feel like you had a bit of coverage on your skin when you have some color, as opposed to having that transparent-white skin that glows in the dark and shows every little blemish. Or you could risk getting sun damage. I opted for sunless tanning and looking back at photos, I definitely took fake tanning a tad too far in my teens…hello orange palms! In my own defense, I don’t think companies had quite perfected the color of the tint at that time (hence-the famous ‘oompa-loompa’ look). I remember not being sure of all the ingredients I read on the back of the packaging, but in my desperation to be tan I threw caution to the wind. A few years later I got really into the fitness scene and again, there was the self-tanner, like a secret weapon. Everyone preparing for a competition used it. It accentuated toned muscle and created a leaner look on stage. Even just for fun, it was like wearing your favorite black dress, a definite confidence-booster.

The ingredient under scrutiny in self tanning creams has always been the DHA because it is known to create free radicals. Now I find I err on the side of caution when it comes to sunless tanners. I slowly weaned myself off of the self-tanner over the years. Yet, in the back of my mind, I always thought, if I could somehow take that one questionable ingredient out and still have the same results, I could keep up my sun-kissed look all year without any guilt!


What I love about this creation most is that it only has a very light, fresh coconut scent, no weird odor. It also is not drying like most self-tanning creams seem to be. This formula is infused with Red Rasberry Seed Oil, which is equal to Titanium Dioxide when it comes to SPF coverage. It also contains a unique blend of tocopherols and essential fatty acids, which have super-powers when it comes to improving skin tone. There is zero alcohol and it is in a base of Certified Organic Coconut Oil which gives skin an all-day glow, just like our bb creams! Beyond that, I love that I do not have to worry about staining clothing, and the formula is so easy to apply. Not only does it give a nice bronzed color to skin, it is a richly-nourishing, anti-aging body cream. My skin has never looked or felt better. You have to try it to get the full experience!



Apply following a thorough full body exfoliation and re-apply each morning after a shower until the right amount of customized color is achieved. Blend completely into skin for an even, all-over-tint. Mix with our Coconut Cream to create the perfect sun-kissed color for the face! Once color is achieved, apply our Skin Elixir each morning after shower to lengthen life of tan and deeply hydrate for glowing skin.



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