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We are thrilled to be able to interview Kaitlin, a Canadian model and dancer. She is trying some of our products to see how they hold up on shoots and while performing. We had some questions for this vegan beauty with porcelain skin!


HAUT: You have a beautiful and unique skin tone. Do you ever have trouble finding the right shade of foundation?

K: I sometimes do have trouble, yes. My skin tone is naturally very fair, and often even the lightest shade of foundation is still too dark for me. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards companies like Haut Cosmetics that do custom blends and bespoke services, because they can match unique complexions and skin types.

HAUT: What is your go-to vegan energy food before a photo shoot or dancing?

K: I try to start each day with a smoothie using any fruits and vegetables I find in our fridge. Then I always take healthy snacks with me on a shoot, or to my rehearsals and shows. Usually I’ll have whole food energy bars, fruit and nuts, and coconut water.

HAUT: Why did you decide to live a vegan lifestyle and how has it changed your everyday life?

K: I grew up eating a mostly vegetarian diet, so the eventual change to a vegan diet was very easy. As an adult I evaluated my eating habits and came to realize which foods made me feel the best, and which ones I could live without. Eating a plant based diet has changed my everyday life in many ways. I have a better relationship with food, more energy, better digestion, and a clearer head. I also find that my body is more in tune with what it needs, and my cravings have changed.

Being vegan also makes me plan my meals better, and be more prepared when I go out. My partner and I cook and bake together often, and we always make sure we have easy snacks available at home.

HAUT: What is your favourite Vegan Cafe/Restaurant in Toronto and in Vancouver?

K: In Vancouver, there aren’t too many spots that are entirely vegan, but there are a growing number of cafes and restaurants with great vegan options. My favourite would probably be Heirloom, which is a beautiful restaurant at Granville and 12th. They are entirely vegetarian with most of their menu being vegan, and many dishes being gluten free as well. They serve amazing brunch on the weekends, and their dinner menu is excellent.

K: In Toronto my absolute favourite spot is Tori’s Bakeshop. It’s a cafe on Queen St. in The Beaches, and it has amazing food, cozy places to relax, and really friendly staff. I’ve chatted with the owner and I absolutely love everything she’s doing. The food is all organic, natural, vegan, and incredible. It’s a fantastic spot, definitely check it out!

HAUT: What is you favourite vegan makeup product?

K: Right now I’m really loving my Bio-mineral Foundation from Haut Cosmetics! I just received my first custom blend which matches my skin tone perfectly and has been great for every day wear as well as on camera.

HAUT: What was the best part of your Haut makeup session with Faced Professional Makeup Artistry?

K: I loved all of it! The makeup artist Danielle really delved into what Haut Cosmetics is all about, and we chatted a lot about the ingredients and skin care benefits of the products. I love that both companies really put health and wellness first, and all of the makeup comes from a skin care perspective. Everything is good for your skin and good for your body.

For a little while now I’ve been feeling like I really need to go back to basics, and apply the same principles I apply to my diet, to my skin care. Danielle helped me to revamp my whole routine and pointed out all of the best Haut products for what I need. As a full time model my skin goes through a lot, and it’s definitely time I start nourishing it with organic, vegan, toxin free ingredients.

HAUT: Thank you for sharing!

ABOUT KAITLIN: Kaitlin Chapple is a full time professional model and dancer based in Toronto, Ontario. She has extensive experience in live performance, print, runway, events, film, and television. She has performed across BC, Alberta, and Ontario, and has been published internationally in commercial print campaigns and magazine editorials.








Cover photo (natural headshot)

Image by Pierus Photography 

Hair and Makeup by Kaitlin Chapple


Above photo (edgy, dramatic)

Image by Brandon Hart Photography 

Hair by Joanna Keller

Makeup by Faye Smith



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