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Sometimes you need a little help, and sometimes your under-eye darkness requires a ‘sweet miracle’ product. That is why we had to create our Brighteners. For those days when you did not get quite enough beauty sleep the night before, our Pink brightener does the trick with just a few swipes. For those days when you don’t remember SLEEPING, mix our Pink Brightener with the appropriate shade of HDD Cream (try our iCUSTOM BLENDS if you are not sure) to completely neutralize extreme darkness. If you have a medium to dark skin tone, Our he’s The One Aloe Cream Tint paired with your HDD shade  will do the trick!

We have a new addition to our HAUT family and we immediately wanted to see if she could create her signature smoky eye look with our makeup instead of her go-to conventional brand (don’t worry, she is happily switching over, and our Pink Brightener was her first purchase).





Chantelle’s style is beautiful! Simple and clean, and the focus is the eyes. The summer coverage shade she chose was Vanilla. What she loved most after trying HAUT for the first time was our brushes and how the Aloe Cream Tints had intensity when paired with a loose tint. I second that! I always try to remind my clients that their makeup will have maximum coverage, longevity and look the most natural when the application goes like this: cream, loose, cream, loose. Try layering your makeup that way if you haven’t yet. The best way to test is in the humid days of summer. The same goes for eye makeup. Apply a little Bio-foundation or Loose Tint over your Aloe Cream Tint and you will have great coverage with smooth color that requires little-to-no-blending.. It also provides maximum natural SPF protection and a mix of the most nourishing skin cocktail of organic, vegan ingredients.

Email if you are not sure what shade is right for you!

chantelle's look



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