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Our TD-FREE blend has a natural sun protection as well as locally-sourced ingredients to BRING SKIN BACK TO LIFE & BALANCE MOISTURE.


Don’t let its transparent nature fool you. Even though it’s light on the skin, it’s a heavyweight when it comes to sun protection. It offers true broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Zinc Oxide is constituted of particles that can actually both absorb and reflect UV radiation. Most sunscreens block only UVB. Titanium Dioxide blocks some UVA and Zinc Oxide blocks more UV radiation than any other single ingredient.


This plant wax helps bind particles so the formulas are less ‘flyaway’. The wax also keeps the shade from changing color throughout the day, absorbs oil, and helps eliminate the typical shine on the surface of the skin. Without the Titanium Dioxide present, particles are able to lay smoothly on the skin but are not so small that they can pass through it. Our particles are not nano-sized as many Titanium Dioxide bases are (without any labeling of nano-sized particles being present). This can present a huge health risk so that is why we avoid Titanium Dioxide in our loose formulas all together.


Despite its 45,000 year age, this is a rare and newly found treasure. It is also one of the most healing clays. Found on the coastal region of British Columbia, this rare deposit contains more than 40 minerals, micro-nutrients and trace elements.

In tests conducted over the past twenty years, it has been found that most clays have a pH factor range from 7-14 on the alkaline side of the scale. Glacial Marine Clay has a pH factor of 6.5 to 7.3, as close to neutral as possible. Glacial Marine Clay belongs to the family of green clays. According to Dr. Raymond Dextreit, an expert on clays and the author of the book, ‘Our Earth, Our Cure’, the green family of clays are the most desirable and the only type recommended for ingestion.

It feels great going on, improving circulation, detoxifying, exfoliating away dead skin cells WHILE IT TIGHTENS UP WRINKLES, LEAVING THE SKIN FEELING SOFT, SMOOTH, AND SUPER ALIVE. Having a bio-stimulant effect on the cells, it produces local skin warming, accelerates physiological processes and increases cell division in surrounding tissue. It’s the perfect balancing and revitalizing agent. Glacial Marine Clay slows the effect of aging on the skin’s surface, rejuvenating its tired complexion and renewing skin’s elasticity. Glacial Marine Clay cannot be produced synthetically! This beautiful B.C. clay has an absorption ability and net negative ion charge which attract most positively-charged bacteria, thereby detoxifying and cleansing the skin.


Kaolinite is high in calcium, zinc, and magnesium, which are beneficial for oily, blemished skin. The clay’s mildly drying and disinfectant properties may help heal existing blemishes and inflammation while preventing new ones from forming. Traditionally, clays are used to reduce swelling and inflammation and to draw impurities from the skin. Cosmetic clays are made up of different mineral contents, and each clay type has a different effect on the skin.


The name Arrowroot is derived from the phrase ‘root used to treat wounds from poison-tipped arrows’. Arrowroot is also used traditionally to treat gangrene and athlete’s foot, by sheer moisture control as it does not possess any medicinal qualities. As it is soothing to the skin like Aloe Vera, it is also used to treat small pox, as a means of controlling the eruptions as a non-irritating topical application and soothing the itching.


Not to be confused with Canadian Glacial Marine Clay, our Canadian Glacial Clay comes from a prehistoric formation located in central Canada. This glacial clay dates back to the Cretaceous period when clay sediments were deposited on the floors of an ancient ocean. Since the glacial clay formation is approximately 33 to 45 feet thick, only the finest clay deposits are selected.

  • Sodium: Natural cleanser and boosts hydration
  • Magnesium: Acts as a natural skin toner; helps to retain moisture in skin
  • Potassium: Antibacterial properties; has an astringent effect
  • Sulphate: Works with Potassium to aid in maintaining healthy skin




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