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Now that you are hooked up with your trusty bb cream and bio-foundation, and you have a brightener and hdd cream on standby for extra coverage of darkness, acne, scarring, rosacea, and hyper pigmentation, it is time for COLOR!

What if I have t-zone shine halfway through the day?

We recommend our Purifying Primer before your makeup if you tend to have t-zone shine in the middle of the day. Whether skin is too oily or too dry it is more about imbalance. We have added clays to our makeup to help achieve a matte look that is not drying. Keep in mind, unless you are needing 100% matte makeup for fllm, a natural sheen to skin can be very youthful!

What if cream colors usually crease on my eyelids?

If you find your skin seems to be going through something or if colors seem to slide off your skin or into creases halfway through the day, you need an extra application of our Bio-foundation clay formula in those extra-shiny places. Make sure if you are wearing our Aloe Cream Tints on your eyes that you first prime them with our Beige, Yellow, Pink, or White Brightener. Then apply a little of your Bio-foundation for SPF protection and leave them natural or add a little color. This is my usual eye combo below. The Vintage I use to fill in my brows, as an eyeshadow, and as a smudged inner eyeliner with The Eyes Have It Brush. If you need something more dramatic for tv or editorial, trade your Aloe Cream Tint for a Loose Tint or Raw Pigment shade.



The best way to mop up an oil slick is with plant oils.

It is amazing to me that plant oils can be a solution to excessively oily skin but it is true because they let the skin breathe and speed healing. It does not happen instantly but trying to find a quick fix can create more problems with the skin. I was a ‘mattifying’ junkie when I was younger. Anything that said ‘matte’ somewhere on the packaging I hoped would magically cure me of my shiny face. I did not realize my skin was just reacting because it was being suffocated. When your skincare and makeup contain the ingredient Dimethicone, it is known to act like ‘saranwrap’ on the face.  Once I started wearing ‘breathable’ makeup, my skin was able to heal and re-balance itself.

Ok, On to cheek color.

Again, layer your favorite Aloe Cream Tint with our Bio-foundation. Make sure you also apply Illuminating (light) or Henna Loose Tint (medium) around the perimeter of your face as well as where the sun would naturally give you some color; a little more on the forehead, bridge of nose, and cheekbones. I like to pair a couple cream tints, one a little higher than blush, like a highlighter. I like Mauve Magic on upper cheek bones and then He’s The One Aloe Cream Tint just below on ‘apple’ or fullest part of cheek. This creates more volume in the cheek. So if you have fuller cheeks and want less volume, sculpt cheeks in darker bronze shades like Wildflower and Henna Aloe Cream Tints instead of bright colors.

For a glow-from-within radiant finish.

The place you want to create a natural sheen is on the outer cheekbones. You can do this with our Clear Bio-cocoa Balm or with our Coconut Cream. Just warm up product with fingers and tap a little onto this area with fingertips. It will give you the look like you just had a good work out or a hydrating facial.



For a lighter, more nude tone, try our glosses. For more intense color that is matte, our Bio-cocoa Balms are fun to experiment with. Or even better, pair two for a new color.






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