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Beauty is about being vulnerable.  It is about being open to change.  For me it is now extremely removed from glossy faces in magazines.  I am finding that staying young is much more of an inside job.  It is amazing how much attention we pay to the outside of our bodies when most of it really comes from inside.  It would be a good thing to make over our minds every now and then, don’t you think?

Brightening Makeup


It is always fun to purchase a new shade of gloss.  However, if I had to pick one product that most dramatically improves one’s appearance it would be our BRIGHTENERS.  Sometimes you will need to change to a different shade because of factors like a change in seasons, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, or stress. I have provided an easy skin-tone guide below. A 100% dimethicone-free primer like our COCONUT CREAM is also essential to pair with your brightener as it hydrates the eye area and gives it a fresh look.  It will also ensure that your BRIGHTENER goes on smoothly. For mature skin, try a few drops of our SKIN ELIXIR tapped lightly around eyes with fingers. IT gives extra hydration without clogging pores.


Use a fine-tipped brush with firm, synthetic bristles like our NEED A LIFT BRUSH to apply the perfect amount under the eye, along the lash line, and innermost corner of the eye.  Gently blend the BRIGHTENER up and out.  Try to apply as little pressure as possible. It is important not to tug too much at delicate skin around the eyes so this is why I prefer a vegan makeup brush rather than using a finger. Our products are not diluted so a little goes a very long way with this product and a finger can often apply a little too much. If you still see darkness, custom apply to areas where a little more is needed.

Brightening Makeup

There are times when what works for me in the morning doesn’t work for me in late afternoon.  If you have under-eye darkness or even just puffiness, do not line the lower lash line with dark color or apply mascara to the lower lashes as it can bring attention to that area and pull everything down.  If you are looking to ‘conceal’ an area of your face, not brighten, that is where our HDD CREAMS come in handy! It’s worth it to have one of each. A friend of mine calls her PINK BRIGHTENER her ‘deserted island product’. Containing approximately 15 SPF naturally, these stackable pots are wonderful eye primers for our Aloe Cream Tints too. We feel that every time a product multitasks and does what two or three products are made to do, it allows you to be a conscious consumer.;)

  • WHITE BRIGHTENER: highlighter for just under brows, inner corner of eye and cheekbones
  • PINK BRIGHTENER: great for extra-light to medium skin tones
  • BEIGE BRIGHTENER: great for medium skin tones
  • YELLOW BRIGHTENER: for medium to dark and lighter olive skin tones to brighten around nose, mouth and jaw
  • HE’S THE ONE ALOE CREAM TINT AS BRIGHTENER: for medium to dark skin tones around eye area


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