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I have always said I am a makeup artist before anything else. However, I think I actually like working in the background mostly now, lovingly creating a product and watching what unique effects another artist can achieve with their talents and my little creation. This means I greatly appreciate and need like-minded individuals on the front lines as makeup artists to represent HAUT. So when I was introduced to a Canadian makeup artist team who wanted to commit to using only vegan makeup in their professional kits, it was hard to contain my excitement. Not only did they show interest in wanting to use HAUT out of the many clean lines out there now, they were exceptionally knowledgeable about the importance of living a more plant based lifestyle. FACED has a beautiful passion to change the world through the work they do. Learning about their positive drive and high standards reminded me of a quote I came across a few years ago; ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’ (Wayne W. Dyer). I think that having your makeup professionally done on one of the most memorable, special days of your life is a very vulnerable experience. It is important to take the time to choose the right makeup artist. I highly recommend FACED, and not just because they use HAUT and are incredibly talented, it’s the way they see the world, and the importance they have placed on being positive role models, and stewards of this earth. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with FACED to give you more of the HAUT looks and makeup tips you love. Please take the time to visit their website to see the wide range of talent they offer as artists. Here is a little more about Danielle, the founder of FACED:


I came across Haut through word of mouth from a friend of mine – a fellow vegan. She knew that Faced was in the process of researching vegan cosmetic companies to be able to use in our company’s selected products, and through her personal experience of Haut’s products, she inspired me to reach out to Haut when she spoke very highly of the quality of the products and company. The most intriguing part of Haut was their philosophy and the ingredients they used to produce their products. I initially did my research of their philosophy, ingredients, and reviews and immediately I was attracted to the concept of using clay based cosmetics. With first being introduced to mainstream commercial cosmetics while I was training/my early career as an artist, I was conditioned with a bias because that was all I ever knew. With the experience of Haut makeup, it was as if my skin knew, and thanked me for putting something on it that it could recognize and relate to!!  Being a vegan makeup artist is something that I highly value in terms of myself, for the environment, and for the women everywhere who use some sort of product whether it is simply a moisturizer. I highly believe it is our responsibility to shift our focus on the impact that unconscious lifestyle choices has on our bodies and our earth. With a passion in providing women with a proper education on how vegan cosmetics works to advance humanity, women can begin to have a different relationship with their bodies and identities as well. Being a vegan artist allows me to spread the information that isn’t available (or necessarily encouraged) in the mainstream media. ‘I will never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world – indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.’



Dani Schleese

Faced Professional Makeup Artistry

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