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It may not sound sexy or interesting to you and you may be thinking its something some Canadian hippie smelling of patchouli would be into, but the fact is: YOUR skin IS turned on by fermentation! quite literally! and that’s a FACT!!!!


Fermentation is the natural breaking down into microscopic, active particles, of live organic matter. Its an Enzyme. It is actually the 2nd stage developed product of fermented rice, the first stage being sake wine.

This process produces enzymes, proteins & amino acids. Different original matter, produce different enzymes & proteins etc, They are not all the same, but they all need to ferment to produce a truly potent, natural active, so small in molecular structure it is able to pass directly and deeply down into the skin and be totally compatible with your skins biology.


A word used frequently in the beauty industry to make you feel a product is energetic and full of life when you use it. But how active is an active? How much needs to be in a product before it’s considered beneficial are all questions that determine the results you will get. Fermentation ensures the potency of an enzyme, protein or amino acid, as it is a natural process of intensifying and reduction.

Concentrating it so to speak. Just like in cooking! Reducing an ingredient intensifies the flavor! Fermenting an organic intensifies its potency and produces developed components (Actives) that are recognized, used and importantly are fundamental for skin health and functionality. Talk fermentation to your skin and you talk its language.

Now that you are talking the skin’s language you can communicate with it better!. Communication is also a critical process within the skin. Every Cell in your body, including those of the face, need constant communication to ensure they receive and give off essential components to facilitate every function.

WE ALL NEED ATP – often called the “molecular unit of currency.”

Quite literally “turning it on”: Just like flicking a switch! This then creates and activates energizing and repairing ATP, so you can look younger, fresher and bursting with radiant vitality.

Skin is brighter, Pigmentation and pores are visibly reduced and collagen and elastin are in celebratory mode.


We harness the ancient wisdom and power of bio-energized fermentation. The result is a vast array of potent and empowered actives, which are so synonymous with our skin biology.

Haut Cosmetics saves time by bypassing the need for the body to process and ferment elements from our diets to produce the enzymes, amino acids, proteins and peptides our skin needs for health and vitality.

It delivers, deep into the skin, a super powered balanced and complete diet for the skin in the exact format the skin recognizes and utilizes, hence results are quick and visible.

Email our team at HAUT if you would like to get an iCONSULTATION to make sure you get the right color formula and skincare regime.
Your skin can “look as though you have had some fancy laser work done”…as our clients like to put it!;)





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