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Vegan Makeup Brushes

I always try to apply my makeup without my brushes once in awhile to remind myself of the importance of using the right tools with each product. I also want to relay the most straight-forward application instructions to help people do their makeup efficiently in the morning. “All of our brushes are vegan” and should be washed once or twice a week like you would wash your hair. Use a natural shampoo (SLS-free), rinse out until the water runs clear, squeeze water out carefully and lay flat to dry.


A FRESH START BRUSH: this brush is used to apply our bb cream formula. Picking up the slightest bit of bb cream on the tip of the  brush is the perfect amount. Blend into skin all over face and neck.

PLUSH KABUKI BRUSH: use this brush to apply our Bio-mineral foundation. Pick up product evenly on brush and press into skin in a diagonally upward motion. Repeat anywhere you feel you need extra coverage.

SMOOTH THINGS OVER BRUSH: use this brush for application of the Coconut Cream Moisturizer and Purifying Primer. You can also apply our Brighteners & Aloe Cream Tints to cheeks and eyes with this brush.

WORK IT OUT BRUSH: blend Loose Tints to perfection. This brush is perfect for contouring with Illuminating and Henna Loose Tints.

BRUSH WITH GREATNESS: you can apply Brighteners and Aloe Cream Tints to eyelids and around the eyes.

NEED A LIFT BRUSH: highlight under brows with appropriate Brightener and around lips like an inside-out lip liner. This will also make lips appear fuller and lasts throughout the day.

THE EYES HAVE IT BRUSH: works great to smudge Loose Tints around the eyes and to create smoky eyes. It is also the perfect size to create a dramatic brow.

DEFINING MOMENT BRUSH: great for more defined brows and it has a brush to brush color through brows and hold in place.

THE ICING ON THE CAKE BRUSH: this brush pairs well with Marble and Vintage Loose Tints to create a smooth, ‘liquid liner’ or to smudge liner into an evenly dark smoky eye. It can also be used to apply Aloe Cream Tints to lips.


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