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I love telling my clients and friends this because many of you are raw foodies anyway and your sweet faces seem to light up at the thought of secretly storing your luxurious vegan products safely in the fridge.  What better place to hide them from your best friend who is always helping herself when she sleeps over/children/little sister/cousin/great-aunt Louise…?  This summer was a toasty one in BC and I am not complaining!  We all just need to be reminded that our makeup has an expiry date and is so amazing that it needs to be given the respect and the cool, dark space in the fridge it deserves.  Not only will this allow your products to last twice as long, our organic ingredients will remain fresh and working at their best in terms of potent antioxidant super-powers!

Shipping our products directly to you also allows us to bring you the freshest skin care on the market at the lowest price we possibly can because we have no middle man (or woman), it’s just you and us. We guarantee that each ingredient is 100% active, delivering extraordinary healing, nurturing and rejuvenating benefits directly to you without any delay.  Regular organic makeup sits in warehouses, sometimes in horrible heat conditions, and they are then transported to retailers and eventually put on shelves. By that point, a lot of the ingredients’ vital properties are diminished. Did you know that most organic skin care is manufactured to have a two-year shelf life? How can something be ‘two-year-old fresh’?  To make sure that all the antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients are preserved, our products are can be maintained in your fridge or in a cosmetic cooler or mini-fridge at an optimum temperature of 12-15C (54-59 F), allowing each ingredient to perform at its original freshness.

For those of you on the golf course who wish to take their makeup with them, we recommend treating it like you would a cold vegan beer, put them in a little cooler or a waterproof makeup pouch with those cute colored mini icepack cubes they make.  Our Aloe Cream Tints are actually quite hardy and will not melt as most lipsticks do.  But keeping all your makeup out of the extreme sun will also help the vibrant mineral color not to fade.  The other added benefit I find is that the product applied to skin straight out of the fridge feels so refreshing (especially when someone is having a hot flash) that the temperature of it actually super-tightens your pores.  It may take some time getting used to having one more thing on the list: turn of coffee maker, turn on dishwasher, put makeup back in fridge…  However, there are so many advantages to this advice that, if you haven’t yet, we encourage you to try it and see for yourself.


With Care,

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