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If you could upgrade your brain and protect it at the same time, while watching excess body fat melt away and chronic abdominal bloating deflate, would it be worth peeing turquoise or green?

How about if this same compound, depending on the dose, was an antimicrobial (possibly even against those pesky coronaviruses), an antidepressant, and a potential treatment for both neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc) and cancer? I came across an ancient recipe that was handcrafted over one thousand years ago. If you compared it to any formula now, it is similar to the traditional chinese medicinal treatment that is made from bear bile. It is also similar to the mesotherapy fat dissolvers on the market like Kybella. This being said, I wanted to create a plant based, cruelty-free version of this recipe as the original, medieval recipe did call for the bile of a bear. It seems we have a very serious bile problem that creates a cascade of health issues. But instead of stealing the bile from another living being without its’ permission, why not support our own body in healing so that it can create its own healthy bile the way it is supposed to. The quality and the quantity of our bile are absolutely key to so many normal, every day ‘housecleaning’ functions in the body. This then leads to beautiful longevity at the cellular level. With this formula you will experience the feeling of a ‘deep cleaning of house’. You will feel better and better as toxins and stubborn fats are being flushed from your body daily, which is what our ‘original’, robust bile is supposed to do for us. Just like our liver, our bile ducts are the underdog, and they don’t get near enough credit for all they do. When your liver and digestive system is squeaky clean, it directly affects the health of the brain in the best way possible. Add to that the original magic bullet – Methylene Blue as well as an NAD booster and you have a powerful formula  to support the body in rapidly reversing premature, whole body aging, from the brain and skin, to the heart, to the liver, and every other organ – at the cellular level. I go into a lot more detail about the 1000-year-old recipe on its own in my ebook, the 1000-year-old recipe book because there are so many juicy details I didn’t want to leave out and it was too long for a blog post. The product I created after all my research and experimenting over the past year is supernatural salt 1000-year-old recipe.With some supplements it is easy to miss a day here and there, and not notice the effects but I notice such immense benefits each day I take this personally, that I have not missed a day since I started taking it. I also did a 6-month experiment on myself to see if I would receive the same results applying this supplement transdermally, as one would receive having it injected by a professional in a mesotherapy treatment for the purpose of eliminating excess body fat. I will record my body measurement comparison results at the bottom of this post!

If any of these symptoms are plaguing you, then building better bile should be at the top of your list of goals for better quality of life:

✔ Constipation
✔ Fatigue
✔ Bitter taste in the mouth
✔ Nausea
✔ Light coloured stools
✔ Inability to digest fatty foods
✔ Detox problems
✔ Hormone havoc
✔ Headaches
✔ Sciatica-like pains
✔ Sleep disorders
✔ Tinnitus (ear ringing)

This formula I have created is unique. Along with my cruelty-free, plant based version of the original 1000-year-old recipe, I wanted to incorporate purified methylene blue in a low, therapeutic dose. Taking a supplement in the oral form can greatly reduce the potency of what you are taking, depending on how much the individual’s digestive system has been compromised. Also, for anyone with veneers, dentures, etc, methylene blue can stain dental hardware. In researching the most beneficial way to take methylene blue, an IV infusion, or through injection produces the most results. Being that not everyone has access to IV therapy, I decided that an even better way of dosing MB would be by creating a formula that had the ability to easily pass through the skin, also called transdermal delivery.

The Beauty of Bile

Your liver, in its innate wisdom, synthesizes and secretes about 1 ½ quarts of this miraculous substance on a daily basis and then stores it in the gallbladder. Bile is the daily key to absorbing and assimilating fat as well as serving as the toxic waste dump for excess chemicals, hormones, drugs, heavy metals and other toxins that eventually need to be eliminated by the body.

If you have a persistent roll of fat at your waistline, your liver may have stopped processing fat—due to a bile shortage—and begun storing it!

Remember that fat—not carbohydrates—is the preferred fuel source for your body’s trillions of cells. Even your cell membranes and vital organs are full of fat. That’s why your brain is over 50% fat, your liver is nearly 5 pounds of fat and your kidneys, retinas, and endocrine system are composed of fat.

Without enough bile, your body simply can’t absorb the fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A (the infection fighter), Vitamin E (the fertility vitamin), Vitamin K (the bone health healer) and Vitamin D (the healing hormone-like vitamin that increases immunity and wards off breast and colon cancers).

The truth is, you may be able to live without your gallbladder but you can’t be healthy without quality, free-flowing bile. This thick, greenish-yellow fluid plays a critical role in your body’s functions, including:

– Maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance
– Breaking down dietary fats into usable fatty acids
– Helping your body break down dietary cholesterol

I was researching why fat dissolvers in the mesotherapy world are able to so easily dissolve  or emulsify fat. Well folks, they actually do so much more than contour the body. The salts contained in them boost bile production. That is when I learned that this mesotherapy cocktail that was meant to dissolve submental fat and abdominal fat was also very beneficial in preventing and even reversing fatty liver disease. If you do a cleanse or a detox, but you do not have your drainage pathways properly functioning to safely escort the fat-soluble toxins out of the liver and body, you could actually feel more terrible and have more aches and pains. The key is healthy bile. Whether you’re one of the many, many people who are missing a gallbladder or are having fat digestion or detox issues, bile is your missing link. These findings were the inspiration behind recreating the 1000-year-old recipe.

The Most Overlooked Detoxifier

Bile is one of the liver’s premier detox mechanisms so the consequences of inadequate bile go far beyond the inability to lose weight. If the liver can’t clear fats, then it most likely can’t break down hormones or other metabolic waste products either, and you can end up with hot flashes, night sweats, cysts, migraines and depression.

To put it another way, bile is one of the most underrated and ignored methods our bodies utilize to move out toxins. The quantity of bile your body makes is directly proportional to the quantity of toxins you can eliminate.

There is already a 75% bile deficiency by the time allergies, arthritis, and inflammation in joints and muscles develop. By the time cancer or chronic illness is diagnosed, a whopping 90% deficit has already occurred.

Methylene Blue History

Methylene Blue has a very colourful (blue? 😁) history). It was initially developed in the late 1800’s as a dye for use in textile manufacturing (fun fact: it was the dye initially used to stain blue jeans blue) but soon after it was synthesized, several medical applications were discovered, the first of which was for the treatment of malaria. MB was also used effectively as an antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial agent before prescription antimicrobials became available in the 1950’s. It is still used as an antifungal agent in fish tank cleaners. More on this later but if you are going to try MB, please don’t drink fish tank cleaner and potentially win a Darwin award

In the mid 20th century, MB was discovered to have antipsychotic and mood enhancing properties. It was also added to other drugs to ensure medication compliance. Blue urine? You’ve been taking your drugs!

Beginning early in the 20th century, MB was regularly used as a bacteriologic stain, a cellular stain, as an indicator dye, and for surgical and medical marking. Its use continues to the present day.

Recently, there has been significant interest in MB because of several studies showing that it may improve learning, memory, and be neuroprotective (see below). It is also re-emerging as a possible treatment of malaria because of drug resistant strains and as a way to fight other infections as well, especially when combined with certain spectrums of light.

Methylene Blue Cellular Mechanisms: 8 reasons Why Low Dose Methylene Blue is the original magic bullet

Methylene Blue is an electron cycler. At low doses (0.5 to 4mg/kg in most studies), MB accepts electrons. At higher doses, MB donates electrons. After absorption in the buccal mucosa (e.g. in a troche), oral ingestion, or IV administration, MB concentrates in tissues with the most mitochondria (e.g the brain where it readily crosses the blood brain barrier, the heart, the liver, and kidneys).

It is at low doses that Methylene Blue makes (blue) magic happen: Here are the 8 most promising ways it works:

  1. MB acts just like oxygen in the mitochondria. It accepts electrons at the electron transport chain (ETC) and increases ATP production. This effect can occur in the presence or absence of oxygen. Forgot how the ETC works? Watch this video (start at 1minute).
  2. Enhances the function of cytochrome oxidase (complex IV), making it work faster and more efficiently. This leads to increased oxygen consumption and increased ATP production, especially in the most metabolically active cells like the nerve cells in memory regions of the brain!
  3. Stimulates glucose metabolism in conditions without oxygen and increases the amount of NAD + produced by mitochondria. The greater amount of NAD+, the younger your cells remain/become due to sirtuin activation (see David Sinclair’s book Lifespan for more information).
  4. In red blood cells, low dose MB changes the configuration of the iron (heme) in hemoglobin, the molecule in a red blood cell that carries oxygen. This improves the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin which leads to increased ATP production from the ETC.
  5. Low dose MB also functions as a powerful antioxidant as it scavenges the mitochondria and cytosol for free electrons to accept and neutralize. On the macro level, this is how MB may be neuro-protective and even reverse skin damage (see below).
  6. Low dose MB also has antidepressant effects, functioning as a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor. Inhibiting MAO prevents monoamine neurotransmitter breakdown (dopamine, melatonin, and serotonin) which leads directly to increases in these neurotransmitters.Low dose MB may also function as a cholinesterase inhibitor, increasing the amount of acetylcholine available, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for arousal, attention, memory and motivation. 
  7. Low dose MB, combined with certain spectrums of light (UV, primarily) may be anti-infective against viruses. My 6-in-1 light therapy device pairs well to perform this dual healing therapy.
  8. Amazingly, there are 4 distinct ways MB increases cellular energy (ATP) production, three of which are related to its direct effects on the mitochondria. Are you paying attention yet?!

    Moderate to High Doses of Methylene Blue

    At moderate doses (4mg to 10mg/kg in most studies), methylene blue becomes an electron donor and a pro-oxidant and facilitates the generation of singlet oxygen and peroxide radicals, especially in the presence of certain spectrums of light. This is likely the way MB works septic shock (via nitric oxide synthase inhibition) and possibly in cancer treatment synergy.

    At high doses (>10mg/kg), MB can have harmful oxidative effects.

    Are You Blue with Envy, yet? Methylene Blue Research and Potential Indications 

    The only FDA approved treatment of MB is for a condition called methemoglobinemia where MB helps oxygen bind to hemoglobin. If hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t available, or if there are delayed symptoms, MB is also used for carbon monoxide poisoning secondary to its antioxidant and energy enhancing effects in the mitochondria.

    In a recent human study, a single low dose of oral MB was shown to increase functional Magnetic Resonance imaging activity during sustained attention and short-term memory tasks. It also improved memory retrieval. In short, it made study participants more focused and smarter. Kind of awesome, eh?

    One of the most promising areas of MB research is in neurodegenerative disease. Recent studies of Alzheimer’s Disease have shown that MB may slow theformation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.A pharmaceutical drug derived from MB has also shown benefit in both Alzheimer’s disease and fronto temporal dementia (Lewy Body Disease) and is currently in late phase trials.

    There have also been several studies recently on the combination of MB and UV Light killing various viruses.In addition, there is ongoing research in MB for brain injury, for cancermalariaHepatitis C, various skin conditions like psoriasis, and much more.

    Methylene Blue Safety

    Methylene Blue is a very safe therapy, especially when taken at low doses and when purity/potency tested. The most common (and harmless….and awesome?) side effect of MB is blue urine. Because of the potential risk of Serotonin Syndrome (a life threatening condition) do not combine MB of any dose with SSRIs, SNRIs or drugs that increase serotonin levels.For all you psychonauts out there considering MB, certain psychedelic substances like MDMA and psilocybin increase serotonin and the vine in ayahuasca ceremonies has MAO-I properties like MB…so be mindful of what you are stacking/ingesting!

    Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Please don’t take methylene blue. It is contraindicated (e.g. it ain’t’ good for the babies on board).

    At high doses (>10mg/kg), methylene blue may cause a litany of potential side effects including hypertension, methemoglobinemia (a condition it actually treats at low doses), dizziness, GI distress, affect readings of a pulse oximeter, induce hemolytic anemia in patients with a genetic condition called G6PD, and more.

    Whatever you do…please do NOT drink fish tank cleaner.  Although it has MB in it to treat fish fungal infections, it also contains tons of impurities including heavy metals like arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, and lead plus other badness too. Industrial grade MB has up to 11% impurities as well. 

    Your safest choice is USP (pharmaceutical grade) Methylene Blue but even this can have impurities. This is why it’s important not only to ensure your MB is USP but that it also has testing that documents its purity and potency. And a side note – some will pee a slightly different colour, while for others, the methylene blue is completely used up by their body, it just depends on the individual!


body fat reduction experiment

So as far as my body fat reduction experiment, I took measurements of my upper abdominal area, then just below my belly button, and I measured each upper thigh. I naturally gain almost everything totally right in my abdominals, sides, and back. I lost 2 inches around my waist, 1.5 inches around my lower waist, just below my belly button, and .5 inches around my upper thigh. These results were achieved after a month of applying my supernatural salt 1000-year-old-recipe and the methylene blue + NAD+ was added three months into this experiment. The results remained the same at the end of the sixth month and did not change, although they fluctuate slightly throughout each month. I have noticeably less bloating, and I have noticed that svelte, flat stomach feel. I would apply 2-3 sprays in the morning on an empty stomach and 2-3 sprays before dinner to my abdominal area, around my sides and lower back. I did not change my diet or my weekly exercise routine even though I felt like I had energy to go further in my workout. I wanted to wait until I completed this experiment. I do not have a scale so I am not sure how this translated in weight loss. For someone who is very motivated to lose weight, which I was not, I think the scale can be a weapon that works against a person. Being in the fitness industry I have seen it way too many times. I always encourage an adult who has a scale to ditch it. Go by measurements, how clothes fit, and above all else, how you feel.

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