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Even on it’s own, microneedling has been a game changer when it comes to real results. I will be the first to admit, it is not the most relaxing treatment, lightly pressing tiny needles into the skin, especially on more sensitive areas of the face. However, when it comes to reversing scarring from acne and smoothing fine lines around the nose and mouth, it seems to be worth it for many. Other treatments which produce the same level of results are thousands of dollars with a considerable amount of downtime. The motorized pen works great but I have also come to love doing manual microneedling even more. It can be done with a stamp which contains a cocktail of nourishing peptides, amino acids, and vitamins, but I prefer just using the disposable tips that you would use for the microneedling motorized pen. By manual pressing the tips into the skin in different places, it is easy to customize the pressure where you are more sensitive, and be a little more aggressive with problem areas.

If you have purchased my RF + OXYGEN device and have had time to fit it into your schedule a couple times a week, you have realized microneedling is not the only hard hitter in the collection of trending treatments. Being that I have personally received such incredible results myself from the devices I offer with my makeup and skincare, I am always researching what is at the top of the list as far as most popular and best reviews. I think part of me knew this was going to happen with these two above treatments – they have recently been merged together into one device for double the results. So the other thing I love to try to do is search for a less expensive alternative to these professional $1000 procedures, like microneedling RF. Some do require the expertise of a doctor or nurse so I do not venture into those areas. But with this new microneedling device, as few as 4 treatments are required for best results and professionally the cost would be over $4000.

Here is my less expensive alternative treatment recipe. You would MICRONEEDLE just as you normally  do. You can pair microneedling with nature’s cocktails and/or purifying + copper serum night mask, rooibos cream, or raspberry elixir. I find something that creates a little slip on the skin is helpful, and it will accelerate the absorption of nutrients. Immediately after microneedling a small area of the face, follow with the RF + OXYGEN device. Then move onto the next small area to microneedle, and then treat that small area right after microneedling with your RF + OXYGEN device. You only need to spend 2 minutes or less of microneedling and one minute or less of RF + OXYGEN treatment on that one small area. I normally split my face into about six areas and then my neck into four areas. This is a treatment that will really increase the glow of skin within the next few days following the treatment. Make sure that you continue to protect your skin if you are outdoors post-treatment with the raspberry elixir or any other natural SPF. Microneedling RF treatments produce lasting results when spaced about 4-6 weeks apart.

You will notice that the RF + OXYGEN device has a dial that goes from very light RF to quite strong and zappy. I recommend keeping the dial under halfway between off and high. It should feel like a warm massage and not uncomfortable. I also recommend ‘cocktailing your other treatments if you have the devices. For example, doing a treatment with the MICROCURRENT device followed by a treatment with the 6-in-1 light therapy deviceIf you research some of the non-invasive treatments which are boasting similar results to botox and fillers, it is a cocktail of the treatments using these same devices. Some would argue that if it is not a professional grade device, it will not produce the same results, but that is not always the case. For example, with microcurrrent, less is more. If you go with too high of a current you will not get the same results. The same goes for microneedling, as just creating a micro-trauma on the surface of the skin that is not even visible to the naked eye, encourages the skin to produce more collagen, without the downtime and pain of a treatment with similar results, the chemical peel. As far as the tips, if you use them, you would want to dispose of them after 2-3 uses as the little needles will dull and lessen the results. Soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide after a use to thoroughly clean the tip.

If you are like me, you like to see real life results, not professional ones which are often photoshopped. Here is a link to some: before and after photos

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