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patches do not have to be remembered every single day

Once you apply a patch, you can forget it for days. Pills, on the other hand, need to be taken once or twice a day. This can be a be a hassle and it is easier to forget a dose. Most of my patches are recommended to be applied once or twice a week, and my sleep deep + enhance mood and others, can be saved for when you need them and once your melatonin stores are restored, you do not need to consistently keep using them. Sometimes excessive stress or illness can wear us down so these patches are like extra armour for the immune system. First, ‘let food be thy medicine’.

As a transdermal, patches don’t make a first pass through the digestive system

the patch delivers 60 percent more nutrition than the pill. One of the main benefits of any type of transdermal patch or cream is avoiding the first pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. Before the nutrition in pills can be used, they must be processed by the liver where up to 95% of the pill’s nutrition is lost. With a patch, the nutrition is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream before ever reaching the liver. This allows a much lower dose of nutrition to be used and this means less stress on the liver.

simple and quick application of patch

The patch is placed on the skin where your body will absorb it. You can have the patch placed on one of a few locations, depending on where it is most comfortable for you. Areas where the patch can be placed include:

  • The upper part of your arm
  • On your buttocks
  • On your back
  • On your lower abdomen
  • On the top surface of your foot

Once the patch has been placed, it will release a steady amount of whole food plant based nutrition into your bloodstream. The patch is designed to stay on even when you sweat or take a shower. There is less than a 2% chance that the patch will fall off. If it does, you can re-apply it.

the history of the patch

Transdermal patches have come a long way since they were first introduced and FDA approved in 1979. The early models of topical patches were actually designed to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness. Now the most used version of a transdermal patch are nicotine patches. These were invented for people interested in putting an end to their smoking habit.

how exactly the patch works

When you pour boiling water into a small bowl or mug and leave it on the kitchen table, you will notice that the heat spreads out and ventures into the air around it. Similarly, a nutrient-rich patch will spread out into the body, creating a gradient impact. In this delivery, however, it moves beyond your liver, stomach and lungs, which are all areas of the body that want to filter out the ingredients. In turn, your body will then receive ALL of the therapeutic properties that often get absorbed in other formats.

Well, there are two different kinds of patches, and they are called the reservoir and the matrix patches. They look the same, but they are actually built quite differently.

The Reservoir Patch holds what can be thought of as a reservoir inside the patch itself. The whole food nutrition is discharged by way of a membrane that is rate controlling in between your skin and the film. These are the oldest types of transdermal patch and offer a delivery that is controlled, so you don’t get too much of the solution at one time. Therefore, many people find these to be more impactful than taking a pill or tincture drops.

Matrix Patches hold the ingredients in the actual patch or adhesive. When it sticks to your skin a high concentration enters your body at a less controlled rate.

Transdermal patches generally last anywhere from 8-72 hours.

what makes future natural whole food patches unique

These patches are unique in that they are custom made whole food planted based, gluten-free, and latex free. These patches are a great intervention for acute back pain, inflammatory conditions, body aches or mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Because the patches are water resistant, you can even wear them while swimming for a short period of time, or in the bath or shower. These patches come in a pretty high dose, so you will still receive ample benefit if you cut the patch in half or even in quarters. Be sure to check out the newest patch: shimmering energy + joy + bronze skin. It is wonderful for hyperpigmentation and vitiligo, especially when paired with custom cacao tan.


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