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There is a reason why microneedling is one of the most popular treatments. It produces stunning results. If you are interested in a dermapen or microneedling pen but are not ready to make the investment, OR if you want to try something that is less painful, this alternative I am going to explain to you may be the treatment for you. So when I say this treatment is as good as aquagold fine touch, it is because it is just like aquagold touch except that you can do it in the comfort of your own home for a much lesser cost. The aquagold fine touch system can only be purchased by a professional.

what is aquagold fine touch?

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a glass vial topped with 20 hair-thin needles. This microneedling tool is the first dermal device that treats signs of aging as it rejuvenates skin. It takes the classic microneedling process a step further by simultaneously addressing concerns like dryness and fine lines with a targeted formula. As these ultra-thin needles make contact with the dermis, they deliver whatever liquid is in the vial to the complexion, such as hyaluronic acid or a a vitamin c-packed topical serum. It reduces pore and redness while creating instant radiance. It has been described as the treatment to create the look of ‘glass skin’.

My initial verdict

So after studying the noticeable results from this treatment I was considering having a vial custom made like the aquagold touch to fill with my nature’s cocktails. However, it seemed really expensive. By accident, I found the perfect alternative when i tried using the disposable tips of the microneedling pen in the same way the aquagold touch is manually stamped all over the face. Not only is the pain level much less and the recovery time shorter, it is also easier to carefully go around the eye area – which is where you will see the best results. The added benefit is customizing my skin cocktails and masks to be suited to your skin’s needs. With the aquagold treatment, a botox solution is quite popular. Yet, I am sure there are some who may like to try a more natural route first. That is where my ‘nature’s botox + filler comes in. It is a combination of argireline (a natural alternative to botox or dysport, and pure hyaluronic acid. I have skin cocktails to target things like brightening and tightening too. If you have a little more time to do not only the micro-infusions but also a mask, try my nature’s purest filler + hydrogen. I really like the effects of the treatment around the eyes. To increase product absorption, apply mask, apply micro-infusions, and follow with a home facial sauna.

When it comes to microneedling we have come a long way. The professionals are starting to mention how less may be more, meaning the least injury to the skin while still receiving the best results. That is what I think has been learned through this aquagold treatment. The needles only reach .06mm into the outer dermis and the feeling in most areas of the face is similar to pressing the bristles of a hair brush into the skin. Less injury means no downtime and much more immediate results. A lot of celebs incorporate the aquagold treatment before a big event.

The disposable tips for micro-infusions have a spring just like the aquagold vial which allows the tiny needles to be gently pressed into the skin. Being that the skin cocktail I offer is applied with a glass rollerball, you would just need to continually alternate between the two in an ‘aquagold-like’ treatment. I find that the steel rollerball pressed the skin cocktail into the microholes that have just been created with the needles.Unlike the pen, the depth of the needles is up to you and you can customize it so you apply less pressure in more sensitive or bony areas. With every treatment, the needles will dull slightly so it is convenient that the tips are disposable so that you can trade your used tip for a fresh new one. You can also alternate the number of needles you use. The less needles, the greater the depth. It is like laying on a bed of nails. So if you are more sensitive, more needles will be less painful. Here is a helpful video to help you see how simple a treatment is:

what is procell microchanneling?

Precision micro-tips are tapped into the skin creating uniform micro-channels. A single pass over the face using the ProCell system will create hundreds of micro-channels. Each micro-channel is surrounded by healthy tissue, which stimulates and enhances the healing process. In response to each microinjury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen.

Over time, the repeated healing process will build new collagen, creating smooth and healthier skin, improving the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin.  Because changes occur at the cellular level of growth, patients will see continued improvement with each microchanneling session they undergo. In addition to improvements to facial skin like the diminishment of acne scars and lessening of lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, tightening skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite, and stretch marks.

The ProCell microchanneling device provides the skin with metrics that are clinically proven to offer the most effective, targeted treatment sessions available. The needle perforations are performed at a fixed depth and properly spaced apart, preventing a resistance to the penetrations. While other devices scratch the skin, ProCell is performed using the intended stamping technique described by its inventors. Because of this uniformity, the healing period for a ProCell microchanneling procedure has been reduced by two-thirds when compared with other microneedling techniques.

While many people are great candidates for ProCell microchanneling, there are certain circumstances where other treatment options should be explored. This includes immuno-compromised patients, like those undergoing chemotherapy. Pregnant women are also not suitable candidates for collagen induction therapy. Other variables include the avoidance of open or infected skin (like lesions and pustules), and same-day retinoid therapy.

my final verdict

ProCell Microchanneling takes microneedling and builds upon it. The device creates up to 1,000 perforations per square inch. These thousands of microscopic channels are made in depth from .25 to 1mm, so they only penetrate the epidermis. They provide the perfect vehicle for penetration of the human growth factor serums. They are derived from human adult bone marrow stem cells, which is a catalyst for collagen growth and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. The stem cell serum is quite effective on its own, but when combined with microchanneling it yields even more dramatic results. Microchanneling without the stem cell serum is like exercising without dieting, results with microchanneling alone will be good only and great with the serum. Clinical studies show with the stem cell serum the results are 4 times more effective. The Stem Cells serum floods the microchannels to aid in wound healing as well as stimulation and synthesis of fibroblasts (wound healing & structural framework of cells/tissue). I have heard there are all kinds of incredible forms of anti-aging when it comes to stem cells. However, I would rather opt for plant stem cells as opposed to human adult bone marrow stem cells. I have created potent serums packed with a variety of plant peptides which you can customize with plant-derived growth factor and plant stem cells. You can browse my nature’s cocktails here where you can also opt for the disposable microchanneling tips instead of the procell therapies device! Here is what a procell microchanneling treatment looks like:

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