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Light is a lot like food.

Just like whole food can be broken down into different vitamins and minerals, sunlight can be broken down into different colors. And just like the nutrients in whole food, each color in sunlight has its own effect on our bodies.

The wavelengths of visible light are actually quite tiny, ranging from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter, or 400-700 nanometers (nm). The wavelength of light defines the color as we see it. And each color has its own unique properties and penetrates your body in different ways…
There are so many proven benefits to LED light therapy that it’s hard to list them all. But here are just a few:

-Repairs sun damage
-Reduces wrinkles
-Heals acne and other blemishes
-Fades scars and stretch marks
-Speeds wound healing
-Reduces joint inflammation

This newest beauty device combines all my favourite therapies into one: mesotherapy, microcurrent, light therapy, radio frequency, and ultrasound as well as a long list of other alternative healing properties.

This device is like Christmas for your skin, but what seems to be overlooked is it is also a miraculous remedy for such a wide variety of things: brain health, psoriasis, cellulite, hair loss, joint pain, depression, anxiety, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

There is compelling research behind light therapy for everything from testosterone to collagen to thyroid to muscular recovery and beyond…

  •  wide-ranging benefits: skin health, muscle recovery, thyroid function.
    • supported by over 3,000 peer-reviewed manuscripts.
    • over 200 placebo-controlled trials.
  • restores natural skin health.
  • light therapy is studied for skin health; near infrared often used for joint pain studies.
  • is light therapy effective for controlling acne?
  • the effect of light therapy on the eyes. Will it damage your eyes or will it even help them?
    • proven to help degenerative eyes.
    • near-infrared a bit more comfortable to the eye.
    • begin treatment with eyes closed; then open eyes if you feel comfortable.
    • allows you to use only near-infrared light.
  • how red and infrared light affects collagen production.
    • It increases collagen production, helps restore joint health.
    • orange or copper and green light have been shown to enhance benefits of light therapy.
  • can light therapy mitigate circadian rhythm or exposure to artificial light?
    • sun gets a “bad rap”; unfairly associated with skin cancer.
    • studies prove that red/infrared light increase levels of melatonin.
  • -light therapy (PBM) is now under consideration for classification as a “performance enhancing drug”…
    • meta-analysis claims that red light builds up muscle tissue.
    • near-infrared waves have had a profound impact.

I had been wanting to add a red light device to my collection but I was still waiting and researching because  I knew it was not the only healing light therapy. With this device, I feel like Christmas has come a little early this year. The results are seen in the first few treatments which makes it the perfect compliment to my makeup, as well as a tool that will help you get the maximum effects from my nature’s cocktails with hyaluronic acid and peptides. If you already have my microcurrent device, rf + oxygen, or/and the miracle pen, I encourage you to continue to use them as a complimentary tool to this one. They do not offer the light therapy which really brings it all together. This is like the ‘main course’ for sure and the others are like ‘desserts’.

It lifts the eye and brow area which gives you more real estate for adding a little colour to your eyes! You will also notice a smoothing of fine lines and deflated puffiness around the eyes. It also brightens hyperpigmentation and evens out the complexion. The last most noticeable things I have seen in before and after photos is tightening up of skin around the jawline and neck as well as fuller, healthy looking cheeks. Now seeing the visible results to my face, I make sure to take the time to use it on my neck and chest and anywhere I am having aches and pains or wanting to smooth and tighten. It is also great for acne, rosacea, and broken capillaries. Beyond the skin, I notice I get a little burst of energy when I use this device, so I have opted for doing a short treatment before my morning workout instead of at bedtime.






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