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After suffering from chronic pain through my twenties I wanted my products to go far beyond makeup and skincare. I am always in the mindset of whole health because when any type of imbalance is going on in the body, it is reflected in the skin. The more I can merge my love for nourishing makeup and skincare with total wellness the happier I am. It allows me to tick off all the boxes. It feels like I am also simplifying my life and my clients’ lives.I recently made an investment in a really cool machine that has the ability to infuse the wildcrafted plant oils used in my products with molecular hydrogen and new oxygen. If you have read anything about ozone therapy, or even tried it for yourself as I have, you will know about the long list of health benefits. Ozone therapy is nothing new, it is about 150 years old. When antibiotics came on the scene though, ozone therapy took a backseat. It is still offered in alternative health clinics but not in mainstream western medicine. However, to me it seems like a powerful healing tool. It has helped those with auto-immune disorders like lyme and many other issues. Tesla actually was the first to experiment with ozonated oils. They have the ability to deliver oxygen into the bloodstream transdermally. Because he understood electromedicine, he recognized the healing benefits immediately. Because of it’s purifying properties, it is now used in some dental practices. I don’t think I would see a dentist that did not use ozone in their practice. The machine I use actually uses a cold plasma process and creates more than just oxygen, it creates molecular hydrogen, which our body needs in even greater abundance than oxygen. Hydrogen is created from gut bacteria. It keeps the body properly hydrated.


Now let’s get to the good stuff! What are the benefits of transdermal application? It is incredibly anti-aging, clears cellulite, and helps you get your lymphatic system under control. It penetrates directly into the blood stream as well as into the muscles and joints. It goes where it is needed to deeply hydrate, oxygenate, purify, detoxify, and heal. It has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. It structures the fluids of the body. Structured or hexagonal water is electrically fueling to the body and is masterfully anti-aging. Hydrogen is the first element and we actually need twice as much of it as oxygen. So far what I have found the most remarkable in myself, is the change in my energy, in my joints and muscles, and smoother, more hydrated look to my skin. Bye bye cellulite! The other benefits to skin is the clearing of scars and brightening of hyperpigmentation.

This unique combination of hydrogen + oxygen has greater potential to treat inflammation and pain because it not only has new oxygen but also hydrogen which is vital to health and not included in ozone. Ed Wunder, a researcher at the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation compares the work of molecular hydrogen to a cleanup operation in a factory belching out black smoke. The black smoke represents toxic free radicals, and the factory represents cell mitochondria functioning poorly. “Molecular hydrogen will not only clear up the black smoke by neutralizing the free radicals, but it will also go into the factory and fix what is wrong so that the black smoke will not be produced.”

In water the active oxygen and hydrogen will only last several hours but infused into plant oils it can last much longer. If refrigerated in glass it can last for years. Hydrogen is the most significant element to life itself. It has multiple cellular protective properties in the human body and has the ability to up-regulate virtually all metabolic processes. It has a parallel effect as a workout at the gym. Hydrogen is a very small molecule, the smallest actually, but it’s cell modulating properties in biological systems is what affords it with various anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-obesity effects.


I have infused the hydrogen + oxygen into a few of my products. Being that one option is to ingest the infused oil, I have included the option to add it to your custom transdermal nutrition gloss as a glossy lip colour that has extra benefits when you lick your lips and it is slowly ingested. You can also use this gloss as a hydrating primer on clean skin before applying makeup or mixed into your coconut cream or bb cream. I like to apply a little H + O infused custom transdermal nutrition gloss over my liver area and like a mask on my face before using my infrared sauna. You can add a few drops to your supernatural bath, or apply it after your bath mixed with my IV nutrition bullet-proof mist for an added boost of magnesium, boron, and iodine from seaweed.

It seems that most of body ills and perhaps even aging are either caused by, predisposed by or exacerbated by a lack of hydrogen in our bodies. Further, hydrogen has been proven to be an exercise mimic, you get benefits as if you exercised, WITHOUT excercising. But note, if you DO excercise you also get a great gains so I highly recommend both. Most liquids that we drink today, even some water, are acidic and ‘dehydrating’. This causes the body to become chronically ‘dehydrated’. Dehydration seems to be a cause or a contributing factor for nearly all disease. Natural Spring water is the best but if you do not have the option, you want to make sure you drink distilled water throughout the day along with this treatment. I like to add sole to mine to remineralize it. It is like drinking ocean water without all the contaminants and fish poop! Drinking dead tap water can actually make you more dehydrated and possibly lead to illness and premature aging. Water with a positive ORP is electron deficient and will SUCK electrons (energy) from your body to neutralize itself (causing aging and de-hydration). Water with a negative ORP has excess electrons and GIVES the body energy (while neutralizing free radicals), reactivating the body’s regeneration and immune systems.

One thing I have learned through my research is that plants don’t lie. You can read about what hydrogen does for plants here. My machine infuses 6 different constituents into the oil, which are varying forms of hydrogen and oxygen.  One of the most important, which CANNOT be achieved with bottled gasses, is Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) which is a cold plasma (negatively ionized gas).  These extra electrons are bioassimilable in an EXTREMELY healthful way. Due to its ability to easily cross the blood brain barrier, molecular hydrogen may assist the well being of those with Parkinson’s disease. In clinical trials of Alzheimer’s disease, H2 prevented neuro inflammation and improved memory.

Haut Cosmetics and its materials are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. All material on Haut Cosmetics is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health related program.

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