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If you have not had a chance to have a look at my recent post about my favorite makeup tutorial videos, here is a video I want to elaborate on:

I wanted to elaborate on what the makeup artist in the video, Cara was explaining because she is recommending a spray tan that is not natural or toxin-free and CARAMEL TAN is a cream and all-natural as well as being DHA-FREE. I recommend trying her tip one morning. Before applying your makeup, do a good cleansing scrub to slough off dead skin cells, either with pure sugar or with my GLACIAL CLAY CLEANSER + MASK so that the ‘tan’ can absorb a little faster into skin. On your face you will notice the colour developing almost immediately with this tip (unless it is too light for your skin tone and you need a darker shade).

Just as Cara explains in the video, your faux tan product can be like a secret weapon. Not only will you find your skin is relatively more even and healthier looking, you will need to use less makeup so your whole look will be more natural. I always recommend apply the ‘tan’ all the way from your forehead to your upper chest and all the way around to the nape of your neck so that the tint is fluent. Because there is no DHA you will not deal with any streaking. The colour wears off like a natural tan.

I usually apply my ‘tan’ once your twice a week all year round. The colour in my formula will last longer than a DHA formula but it also depends on your skin type and how often you wash and exfoliate your skin. If you experience a lot of puffiness around your eyes, you will notice that the hint of colour helps to camouflage it. If you experience darkness around your eye area, you would want to avoid this area. CARAMEL TAN has a built-in moisturizer so if you apply it before your makeup in the morning, you do not need anything over top except your makeup. Give it about 5 minutes to absorb into skin.

The best way to enhance your ‘tan’ is to moisturize well every morning evening and morning after you do your apply your CARAMEL TAN. I recommend RASPBERRY ELIXIR/ COCONUT CREAM and always apply your ‘tan’ in the morning so it has the full day to absorb into the skin without being rubbed off on your pillow.

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