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Do you feel like you could handle losing a couple pounds? Even if you don’t, by the time you have finished reading this, you may feel passionate about losing a few pounds. What if I told you, that you don’t even have to change your workout routine, they will just be eliminated, literally. The average person in North America is carrying around 2.5 pounds of parasites. People instantly think of worm-like creatures but a parasite is any organism that lives within another or on it, and benefits at the expense of the other (‘the host’). Examples of parasites are worms, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.


Have you ever had a free-loading friend? Picture this – you come home one night to a nightmare. A bunch of rough-looking individuals have taken residence in your beautiful home and trashed the place. How did they get in?? Not only do they inform you they are not leaving, they are going to live there at your expense. You open your fridge to find it’s bare. All night they have been partying and devouring your most nutritious food and expensive supplements. The most disgusting part is instead of disposing their waste in a container, they have been using every room in your house as their garbage bin. They start getting physical when you ask them to leave and one throws a few punches. You politely ask them to leave again and they gang up on you and throw more punches and kicks. You realize you have no way to get help. There are too many of them. After extensive research on parasites, that is how I see them. Not only are they consuming the nutrition your body needs, they are eliminating their waste inside you and it contains alcohol, formaldehyde, ammonia, and morphine. Also, as they are chewing on your bits they are also causing serious damage to your cells.


There are almost 200 different types of parasites and they can cause a wide range of damage in any part of the body, even the brain and spine.They can lay thousands of eggs daily. That crazy food craving you had could have been their cravings. Emotional eater? It may not be your fault. Parasites can negatively affect emotions because they are able to attack the nervous system and gut (the second brain). One way the liver communicates with us is by altering our emotions. Suddenly, things that were right are wrong. Tiny problems are huge. Patience is out the window, and you want to explode, or already have. Somehow, at a time like this, you are supposed to understand that that burning feeling is just your liver saying, ‘I do not like french fries! I’m full of flukes!’


Here are some other symptoms of parasites that cannot be ignored but are often misdiagnosed (this goes for children too): chronic digestive issues like IBS, bloating, and abdominal pain, fatigue and weakness, depression/anger and anxiety, intense early morning hunger, teeth grinding/ jaw clenching, night sweats, skin problems and hair loss, neck and back pain, deteriorating eyesight, sleeping problems (waking between 1-3am), mucus, heavy metals, allergies, various other auto-immune issues, vertical ridges on fingernails, and anemia. You could also have zero symptoms and be riddled with parasites.


They can actually camouflage themselves. The body sees them as a foreign invader and forms a cyst around them. They can go dormant in the liver or other organs. Meanwhile, the immune system is getting weaker due to lack of nutrition and a more acidic, unbalanced environment. This creates an even more welcoming home for them, so they invite their friends over. It becomes a full on party 24/7 – a microscopic parasitic rave. With their mad skills at hiding, parasites often do not look any different than our own tissue so an infestation may not be seen, even by a professional.

  1. drinking water or through skin (the most primary ways)
  2. public restrooms (or any infected surface)
  3. human contact (whole families will all be infected)
  4. pets (even walking barefoot where pets have been)
  5. insects (mosquitoes, flies etc)
  6. meat & dairy (over 50% of meat is parasite-infected)
  7. fruit and vegetables (from other countries especially)
  8. airplanes (international parasite party)
  9. arthropod infections like Lyme & Malaria
  10. soil

The cool thing is you you will tick of a long list of boxes when it comes to nagging health issues by going after a parasitic infection. Parasites feed on heavy metals and are usually sharing a space with candida. Those successfully removing parasites have shared that they had amazing results with: recurring food poisoning, insomnia, anxiety/nervousness, toothaches, colds, flu, cancer, lupus, migraines, herpes, depression, colitis, multiple sclerosis, crohn’s disease, ulcers, dementia, diabetes, diarrhea, malaise, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, head aches, flatulence, bloating, constipation, arthritis, joint aches, skin problems, itching, viral hepatitis, sinusitis, warts, psoriasis/eczema, premature ageing, PMS, migraines, fibromyalgia, depression, autism, lupus, diabetes, hives, morgellons, rashes, anorexia, HIV/Aids and many other diseases.


I don’t think we have the luxury of just doing a simple yearly parasite cleanse anymore. We need to be cleansing ALL THE TIME. I know, it’s not pretty. Experiencing parasites has humbled me and then the research was mind-blowing. Why is it that I handcraft herbal makeup and yet I have had to dedicate entire blog posts to talking about internal worms and fungus? It’s because no one else seems to be talking about this, even in the plant based community, and when your inner terrain is sick and toxic, so is your skin. These critters damage tissue directly and can obstruct organ function. They increase our need to detoxify thus overworking the organs of elimination (lungs, kidney, liver, skin, intestines, and colon). They carry viruses with them and gradually wear down the immune system, making us even more vulnerable to their invasion and other micro organisms. I have created makeup from the most healing ingredients I can find but I will be the first to admit that my makeup and skincare can only do so much when the underlying issue is internal. What I noticed most in my research on parasites is how this topic seems to be strangely hidden or suppressed. So if you have been feeling yucky, it may not be all in your head. Until you get to the root of something I encourage you to continue to ask, “Why?”.

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