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I am still amazed when I look around at how far makeup has come since I started my line. I remember working for a line fresh out of makeup school that evoked this simplistic, natural feel in its marketing and packaging. However, when I dug deeper I was confused as to why I could not pronounce the ingredients. I was kind of looking around, thinking, ummm – is it just me who is feeling a little betrayed here? Even after I started my line, I was doubtful anyone out there cared about the same things as me, or got excited about the same things as me when it came to beauty. I would start to explain about the potency of the raw ingredients I had lovingly hand blended into each unique formula. Often a client would cut me off and say, “I don’t really care what is in it dear, what I want to know is if it works.” I have learned over the years that everyone is on their own path and as excited as I am to make someone feel naturally beautiful, I need to be patient and let them come to me when they are ready. Usually the point where someone was fully on board and believed in what I was doing was when they bumped into a friend, also a client of mine, whose skin glowed and looked youthful and vibrant. They wanted to know what they were doing differently. When makeup has truly beautiful, clean ingredients and zero crud, it speaks for itself.


We get so many emails from new clients who are wanting to clean up their makeup bag and are not sure where to begin. Most start out by saying they are having a hard time figuring out what shades would suit them best online. Take a deep breath and let us handle that part! It’s free and we have been doing this for twelve years for people all over the world without ever seeing them in person. We have been able to match all their unique skin tones with the perfect colour and coverage for their lifestyle and they have been our clients for years. We have a pretty good feeling we can do it for you too.


The more background you can give us on what you have been struggling with regarding your makeup routine, or if you do not even have one, the better we are able to help. Once we match you up with a colour palette, you can start with samples and see what textures work the best for your skin type. If you decide you would like to customize the colours a little more before you order the full size, you will have the ability to do that too. Make sure that when taking photos, your source of lighting is 100% natural and that you take a photo in two or three different areas, close to a window. Light can reflect off the skin in different ways depending on the climate and the time of day.


If you are using products underneath our makeup products that still contain Dimethicone, Mineral Oil, and other ingredients that are not compatible with your body, you will not get the results you could be getting out of our products. It is important that your skincare routine is as simple and clean as your makeup routine. If you are not sure if a product is clean, feel free to ask, or browse the new apps online which will give it to you straight! Like I mentioned above, if there are ingredients you cannot pronounce, chances are the product is not 100% natural.


If you want to achieve better skin, what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. Make sure you stay well hydrated through the day. Drinking teas like Organic Dandelion Root will keep your liver cleansed and this will make skin glow! Add some fresh aloe to your smoothie in the morning to make it extra- alkalizing! Try to choose all different colours of vegetables and fruits to get the most variety of potent antioxidants. I am also a huge fan of fermented juices as they give the body what it needs to create its own vitamins. The added benefit is that it does not only improve your skin’s health, it will improve your energy and even your mood.


I honestly feel lost without my brushes, like I am all thumbs. Makeup brushes allow you to create a polished look in a minimal amount of time. If you invest in good quality vegan brushes and look after them, they will last you a lifetime. I put a lot of thought into the making of every brush. Our luxury vegan brushes allow you to create so many different types of coverage, colors, and texture. We want you to have fun with your makeup and the way it is applied. We are just an email away to help with any questions or concerns you may have and hope this helps take the guess work out of it so that you have more time to PLAY!




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