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There are several tips I that I have shared with my 40+ clients for the past two decades because they work and the application is simple. With mature skin, less is more and brightening and color placement are very important. But this is also true with young moms who are running low on sleep and energy. The color can drain a little from your face and your eyes get bloodshot. Over the years I have also had a lot of mothers bringing their teens in to teach them about makeup and found these tips were appropriate for them too. I think the best look for all ages is a subtle glow to skin and a lit-from-within look with a touch of healthy color. Here are my TRIED AND TRUE TIPS as well as some visual illustration to help you practice. You will find just a few quick steps and the right tools can make a significant difference:



I am sure you have heard others explain that as we get older cell turnover slows down. If you do not exfoliate daily you will have dull, dry skin and makeup will not look as smooth, or skin as bright. For all my clients I recommend our GLACIAL CLAY CLEANSER. If your skin is very sensitive or if you have painful cystic acne, you can use our soothing, non-abrasive E3 SHAVE & BODY MASK. Once a week it is beneficial to do an exfoliation cleanse with our PURIFYING CLEANSER. Exfoliation of lips is also important. We recommend a quick brush! The BINCHOTAN CHARCOAL BRUSH that we carry works well to gently exfoliate lips. Then follow with our CLEAR BIO-COCOA BALM to quench and prep lips for smooth color.


This product is like a BB CREAM without the color and SPF coverage. Our male clients like it as a post-shave moisturizer as it prevents ingrown hairs and irritation. Mix with RASPBERRY ELIXIR if your skin feels really dry. If you want to get the most out of your coverage, use less COCONUT CREAM as a generous amount will dilute your coverage of BB CREAM, HDD’S & BIO-FOUNDATION. I will mention another use for it shortly so this one is doubly important. If your skin is in a more chaotic state you can use Purifying Primer. I like to save the PP for before bed. The COCONUT CREAM is a little more hydrating.


If you skin is really dry or you feel like you need extra brightening I recommend our BB CREAM. It is only medium coverage but gives skin that added glowy look and diffuses fine lines. Follow around eyes with the appropriate BRIGHTENER. It is very important to make sure you get right up to the lower lashes. And do not forget to Brighten the upper eyelid as well as under the eye. Many do not notice the darkness and discoloration on the eyelid because it does not stand out as much as the under-eye darkness. For the BRIGHTENER application use our NEED A LIFT BRUSH. For BB CREAM application use our A FRESH START BRUSH. Apply a little WHITE BRIGHTENER to the inner corner of eyes and just below brows. This will make whites of eyes look brighter as well as giving a lift and opening up of the eye. If you are light to medium skin tone, WHITE BRIGHTENER is a must-have. For medium to dark skin tones you will want to experiment with YELLOW or DEEP YELLOW to see which suits your skin best. The color should be brightening but not grey on skin. This is a magic wand for eyes I think. Brighten in these areas and you will not only open up the eyes but also give a lift to the eyes.

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